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Expect a Major Reboot of Pizza Hut Very Soon, Will Include Pretzel Crusts and a New Logo


Thanks to less than ideal sales numbers over the last two years, Pizza Hut has taken a long look at its brand and decided it was time for a change. USA Today reports that Pizza Hut will undergo its biggest rebranding in the chain’s 56 years of business.

Some of the big menu changes include 11 new pizza recipes, 10 new crust flavors, five new toppings (praying for anchovy here), six new sauces and four new flavor pack drizzles. The menu isn’t the only thing going through a change, as the Hut announced it will also be sporting a newly designed logo along with new employee uniforms and a new pizza box.

Pizza Hut will feature five new “premium” topping choices including Peruvian cherry peppers and sliced banana peppers. The flavor pack drizzles are sauces customers can request to be drizzled onto its pizzas including buffalo and balsamic. Pizza Hut will also offer new crust choices like salted pretzel and honey sriracha. Not sure how the later will work, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Expect to see more from Pizza Hut in the weeks to come as its date of rebooting is set for Nov. 19 at 6,300 of its US locations.

H/T USA Today