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Papa John’s Gluten-Free Crust Launches Everywhere And Here’s What We Thought

A gluten-free diet can yield many benefits: better digestion, more energy, better cholesterol levels, and healthier weight loss. If we were to go on such a diet, one of the foods we’d miss most would have to be pizza. Thankfully, there’s now a solution to that.

Papa John’s is now serving their Ancient Grains Gluten-Free Crust at their restaurant locations nationwide. The new crust is made from a combination of ancient grains such as Sorghum, Teff, Amaranth, and Quinoa.

We at Foodbeast tried a few slices and here’s our hot take on the new crust.


“The crust isn’t brittle and actually has a decent texture. I’d say it’s the best chain restaurant gluten-free crust, and probably the tastiest I’ve had outside of Italy.”


It tastes better to me than their normal pizzas! The toppings almost stand out more. I could have that once a day and be happy.


I don’t even miss the gluten.


The crust tastes like cardboard, but like, good cardboard. The kind of cardboard you don’t mind eating.

Still, if your body really can’t handle gluten, this may not be for you.

Papa John’s mentions that while they employ procedures to prevent contact with gluten, and the crust is prepared in a separate facility, there is always a possibility of the curst being exposed to gluten during the pizza-making process that occurs in the restaurant. Because of this, Papa John’s does not recommend this item for customers with Celiac Disease or severe gluten intolerance.

Overall, not bad though.

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Starbucks Japan’s Cherry Pie Frappuccino Has A PIE CRUST Lid

A few years ago, we asked the Starbucks next door to our office if they could come up with some of the wackiest drinks possible. They came up with some of the coolest drinks we’ve seen behind that green and white mermaid logo. These included a Neapolitan Frappuccino and a Blueberry Breakfast Shake with a muffin top lid. While all those drinks had their fair share of sugar, it was bittersweet knowing you wouldn’t be able to order at the coffee chain.

It seems Starbucks Japan is channeling those noble baristas with their new American Cherry Pie Frappuccino.

Arguably one of Starbucks’ most whimsical additions, the drink features a vanilla base that’s filled with bite-sized pieces of pie that sits between two layers of cherry compote. Sitting at the top of the already eye-catching drink is a pie crust dome that’s filled with whipped cream.

This flaky pie crust dome solves the problem we had when our barista neighbors created that frappuccino that was topped with a muffin: it would get soggy after a certain length of time. A pie crust should absorb less liquid and maintain that crunch throughout. Especially with that layer of compote to act as a buffer.

Eager beavers need to act fast as this item is only available April 13 to May 16 for 640 yen ($5.78 USD).

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Trader Joe’s Is Selling Pre-Made Pizza Crusts

Making pizza at home can be one of the most relaxing and rewarding experiences in the kitchen. You can pick whatever sauces, cheeses, and toppings that fit your flavor palette and create a pie that’s completely your own.

Once you tackle the crust, that is.

If you’re one not to mess with a pizza crust, Trader Joe’s is selling them pre-made to save you some grief in the kitchen. Trader Joe’s Insider posted an image on Instagram featuring a new pizza crust that’ll win over anyone with a gluten allergy.

The new pizza crusts are said to be completely gluten-free and are ready to bake in the oven. Each package comes with two 7.72-oz crusts.

Trader Joe’s has yet to make an official announcement on the product, but it seems you can already find the crusts at select locations.

Personally, we’d love to slap some spicy pepperoni, some creamy Alfredo sauce, and enough anchovy filets to fill the Atlantic Ocean on one of these bad boys. Now that’s a Friday-night pizza.

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Pizza Hut Makes Dreams Come True With A Tater Tot Crust


New Zealand once again produces a masterpiece in the form of Hash Bites Crust Pizza. Yep, it’s a pizza with tater tots.

Brand Eating reports, the tots are thrown onto the crust before going into the oven. We assume they’ll be uncooked along with the dough to make sure everything’s golden brown rather than charred.

New Zealand Patrons have the option of paying an additional $3 New Zealand ($1.95 US) to upgrade their crust with tots. You can also order the Hash Bites as a side dish if you don’t want them on your pie.

So the only thing we have to ask is:

Hey, Pizza Hut. Let me have some of your tots.

Photo: Pizza Hut NZ Facebook

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DiGiorno Expands Frozen Pizza Line With New THIN CRUSTS PIZZAS

DiGiorno Thin Crust

DiGiorno Pizza is going thin. The popular brand of frozen pizza is now expanding to thin crusts. Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and a vine-ripened tomato sauce, each thin crust pizza is ready to pop into the oven and eat.

The new thin crust line up includes the Supreme Speciale (caramelized onions, red & green peppers, pepperoni and Italian sausage), Margherita (diced roma tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, parmesan, romano and asiago cheeses), Primo Pepperoni (pepperoni, but a primo amount), Spinach & Mushroom (spinach, garlic, mushrooms).

Each pizza is available nationwide for $6.99 a piece. Prices may vary depending on location.


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Pizza Hut Officially Announces Hot Dog-Stuffed Crust Pizza


Pizza Hut has announced that they’ll be releasing the new Hot Dog Bites Pizza.

Earlier this week, Pizza Hut teased that something big was coming. Referencing the infamous hot dog-stuffed crust pizzas found at Pizza Hut UK, Australia and South Korea locations, the pizza chain told loyal customers to keep an eye out on June 18.

Looks like it’s official.

The pie will be available as a large one-topping and feature a crust made from 28 bite-sized hot dogs. Each mini hot dog can be dipped into a free side of French’s mustard. While it’s not as crazy as some of the international offerings, we’re pretty excited just to get a variation here in the US.

Baby steps, guys.

The Hot Dog Bites Pizza is available for $11.99 at all participating Pizza Hut locations in the US starting on June 18.


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Patrick Stewart Asks An Unexpectedly MAJOR Question About Pizza Setting Twitter Ablaze


Sometimes, scarfing down a slice of pizza means crust and all. For those who just aren’t about that, however, an interesting question was posed by none other than actor Patrick Stewart himself.

In a recent Twitter post, Sir Patrick Stewart asked fans if leaving behind a crust meant they even ate the pizza at all. Two years ago, the actor claimed to have had his first-ever slice of pizza. Since then, it seems he’s become comfortable enough with the Italian dish to ask such a thought-provoking question.

Following his tweet, fans have begun a spirited discussion as to whether or not one has truly eaten a pizza if the crust is left to waste.

What do you guys think?

Photo: Patrick Stewart


This Is What Homemade Cheese Ball Crust Pizza Looks Like


A while back, some guy on the Internet created a Cheese Ball Bun Burger. That same guy, Nick of Dude Foods, has now incorporated that concept into a Cheese Ball Crust Pizza.

It looks cheesy and amazing.

Using a generous amount of Cheese Balls, Nick placed them into a bowl to line up. Taking some shredded cheddar cheese, he melted them on top of the balls in the microwave. After the cheese was melted, he flipped it over and did the same on the opposite side. Once the crust was completed, he threw some more cheese and pepperoni on the Cheese Balls and popped it into the over for ten minutes at 350 degrees.

Boom. Cheese Ball Crust Pizza.