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Taco Bell’s Elusive Mexican Pizza Crunchwrap Has Been Spotted Once Again

Taco Bell’s latest innovations have involved novel ingredients, with items like Nacho Fries and the Midnight Melt Taco incorporating foods they haven’t played with in the US yet.

The mega-chain isn’t afraid to get creative with some mashups as well, and the latest test of a Mexican Pizza Crunchwrap is proof of that.

mexican pizza crunchwrapPhoto courtesy of Taco Bell

This isn’t the Mexican Pizza Crunchwrap’s first time around, as it had been tested in Oklahoma City earlier this summer, however, the newest test taking place in Birmingham, Alabama, is a strong sign that Taco Bell is looking to take this one nationwide. I mean, if a fast food chain puts in the time and resources to test an item more than once, you know there’s some serious interest.

The Crunchwrap is basically a tortilla wrapped around one of Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizzas, the only extra addition being a layer of nacho cheese sauce. It’s being priced at $3.49 each, or as part of a $5 Box with two Crunchy Tacos and a medium drink.

You can get the Mexican Pizza Crunchwrap in Birmingham through mid-October. From there, we’ll have to see if Taco Bell has all the evidence it needs to take it to the national level sometime soon.

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Take Cookie Dough On The Go With This Low-Carb, Protein-Packed Crunchwrap

I love eating cookie dough straight from the tub. That sweet guilty pleasure has its consequences on my waistline, though, so I can’t do it too often. It’s also difficult to do anything else while spooning up buttery, sugary batter to eat.

This Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Crepe Crunch Wrap gets rid of both of those problems, and allows me to indulge a little more in my favorite treat. It gives me cookie dough in a portable form AND is super low in carbs and sugar.

The one-hander cookie dough treat was made by Zach Rocheleau, aka the @theflexibledietinglifestyle on Instagram. His version looks like a decadent delight, but actually contains fewer carbs than fat OR protein thanks to the incorporation of protein powders and Legendary Foods Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip nut butter.

Just 6 of the 17 grams of carbs in this crunch wrap come from sugar (another 5 are from fiber). 29 grams, or roughly half of the calories in this dessert, are from protein. So while you may regard this as a sweet treat, it’s low-carb and packs in some serious gains.

If you’re looking for a protein-packed cookie dough that you can take on the go, look no further than this recipe below.

Macros for WHOLE Crepe Crunch Wrap w/Cookie Dough Stuffing: 246 Cals, 17g Carbs (5g From Fiber, 6g Sugar) 18g Fat, 29g Protein

Recipe serves up to 2 people.

For the crepe
10g (2 tsp) Protein Powder
16g (1 Tbps)  Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Legendary Foods Nut Butter
50ml (2oz)  Egg Whites
1g (1/4th tsp) Stevia
For the cookie dough
16g 1 Tbsp) PB Chocolate Chip Legendary Foods Nut Butter
10g (2 Tbsp) Vanilla Protein Powder
5g ( 1¼ tsp) Coconut Flour
5g (1¼ tsp) Mini Chocolate Chips
1g (¼ tsp) Stevia
Water till consistency of cookie dough


Step 1
Add a glass of cold water with ice to your freezer for about 5 minutes. We will make the cookie dough first. Add your dry cookie dough ingredients except chocolate chips to a bowl and mix to avoid clumping. Then add nut butter and mix to incorporate. Take that ice water out of the freezer and slowly add a tiny bit of water at a time (like 20ml) and mix with your hand mixer. You can always add more water so be careful not to add too much. Mix and repeat till you have a cookie dough consistency. Put in the freezer to chill.

Step 2
Preheat medium frying pan on medium heat. Add dry crepe ingredients to a bowl and mix together to avoid clumping. Next, put egg whites in a separate bowl. Add your nut butter and mix together. If a spoon is not mixing it as well and you still have chunks, take a whisk and mix with that. Now dd your dry ingredients to egg whites/PB mixture and mix.

Step 3
Spray pan with non stick butter spray and add the crepe mixture to the pan. Do your best to do a circular motion with the pan so the crepe batter makes its way all across pan. It’s ok to use a spoon to spread it out but try not to make any holes in the crepe. Add cover on pan and cook for 2 minutes until bubbles start to come up to the top.

Step 4
Once bubbles are showing, take a spatula and gently pull up the edge of the crepe and then flip it over. Cook for 15 seconds on that side and then take off pan.

Step 5
Right when you take it off the pan is the best time to fold into a crunch wrap. So take it off and then it’s time to add your cookie dough. Place a dollop of cookie dough to the middle, making sure to leave plenty of room around the edges. Fold and pinch each side. (This is very hard to explain without a visual) Just think you are going in a circle folding over the edges 5-6 times until the all the outside folds are pinched in.

Step 6
Spray the pan with butter spray and add the bottom fold to the pan to seal it. Cook for 2-3 minutes. Then flip over and cook the top for 1 minutes. Once done, take off and enjoy!

Photos by Marc Kharrat

Created in partnership with Legendary Foods

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El Pollo Loco’s Overstuffed Quesadillas Are Back In Four New Flavors

Photo Courtesy of El Pollo Loco.

The crazy chicken chain is back at it with a new line of quesadillas that look a hell of a lot like Taco Bell’s Crunchwraps.

After dropping “Overstuffed Quesadillas” for a limited time last year, El Pollo Loco brought them back Wednesday. Don’t let the shape fool you: while the Overstuffed Quesadillas look like Taco Bell’s iconic Crunchwrap on the outside, the insides couldn’t be more different.

Photo courtesy of El Pollo Loco.

Whereas Taco Bell crams ordinary Southwest chain taco fillings into their Crunchwrap, each of El Pollo Loco’s Overstuffed Quesadillas contains their signature flame-grilled chicken, cheese, a variety of vegetables, salsas, and additional ingredients that help make up four different wrapped creations.

Those four new flavors are as follows:

Chicken Cheddar Bacon, with caramelized onions and smoked Cheddar cheese

Southwest Chicken Avocado

Chicken Nacho, with pickled jalapenos and a tostada shell inside

Chicken Fajita Avocado

Each one sells for just over six bucks, making it a hefty yet portable on-the-go meal. The new Overstuffed Quesadillas are a limited-time offering, and while there’s no confirmed date as to when they’ll disappear, I’d go check these new wraps out sooner rather than later.

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One Enterprising And Hungry Bride Created A Gown Out Of Taco Bell Wrappers

One woman wants to win the Taco Bell wedding contest so badly, she has fashioned a dress as tribute to the fast-food chain

The wedding industry meets Crunchwrap couture.

Here comes the bride, all dressed in… the remnants of yesterday’s fast-food lunch?

Last month, Taco Bell announced that they would be hosting a contest for one lucky couple to get married at Taco Bell in Las Vegas, and one woman is determined to win. Diane Nguyen entered the social media contest wearing a surprisingly chic wedding dress made entirely from Taco Bell burrito wrappers. We can’t say whether we’re befuddled or impressed at such an ardent dedication to Mexican fast-food, but perhaps it’s a hearty mixture of both.

The couple even submitted a cheeky photoshoot holding hands over the counter at their local Taco Bell.

“IT’S TIME TO VOTE!!!!!!!! We didn’t know until recently that it was our dream to get hitched at a Taco Bell,” Nguyen said in an Instagram post. “We also didn’t know about this contest until we were out of the country and halfway around the world. With help from our friends and a bit of extra hot glue we got off the plane and immediately scrambled to shoot a photo at our local restaurant before the deadline.”

Taco Bell will be announcing the winners later this month after voting ends on March 5. We imagine if Nguyen comes up empty, she’ll have some beef with Taco Bell… but guac’ you gonna do about it?

This article was written by Joanna Fantozzi, (The Daily Meal)

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A Taco Bell Crunchwrap Double Cheeseburger Is The Vulgar Chef’s Latest Epic Creation

The Vulgar Chef has built a reputation of mashing up fast food to gnarly levels, from his homemade In-N-Out 6-by-6, to his Big Mac Egg Rolls.

Now, he’s trying to show what it would look like if Taco Bell dipped it’s toes in the burger game with a Crunchwrap Double Cheeseburger.


Using two wraps as buns, the Vulgar One stuffed jalapenos, Fritos corn chips, two burger patties, and slices of cheddar cheese into this behemoth.

Taco Bell’s Crunchwraps are usually solid, so adding a couple of homemade burger patties to the mix is pretty epic.

The Bell might never officially jump into burgers or throw a Crunchwrap cheeseburger on the menu, but the Vulgar Chef’s recipe doesn’t seem too complex and can easily be replicated without having to rely on a bootleg Mexican joint to make a bootleg burger.


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Taco Bell Just Took The Crunchwrap Supreme And Made It Bigger

triple double crunchwrap

Bigger is always better, or at least that seems to be Taco Bell’s idea with its newest product. Crunchwrap fans will soon be able to enjoy the Triple Double Crunchwrap.

The new item will feature the same items as the original Crunchwrap Supreme but, as the name suggests, triple doubled. This means there will be double layers of seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce and a double layer of the crunchy tostada shell.

There will also be a spicy version, which will have the same ingredients including fresh jalapenos and spicy ranch sauce.

The Triple Double Crunchwrap will be available nationwide July 17. Both the spicy and the regular Triple Double Crunchwrap will be available for $3.49, just 30 cents more than the Crunchwrap Supreme.

It can also be purchased as part of the $5 Big Box, which will get customers a spicy or regular Triple Double along with a medium drink, a Doritos Locos Taco, and a crunchy taco.

The original Crunchwrap Supreme was launched in 2005, and an instant hit at the time.  Taco Bell has also made the AM Crunchwrap breakfast item. The announcement of this newest Crunchwrap has already sparked excitement.

Apparently some people have even had the chance to try it. There were comments about the weight, but Taco Bell did promise big. 


How To Make Taco Bell’s ENTIRE Menu Right At Home


Have you ever hit that point where you’re craving Taco Bell flavors so bad, but you just don’t want to leave the house? We’ve all been there. If only we knew how to satiate our Taco Bell cravings at home.

Brothers Green Eats, known for making creative recipes, decided to finally make a video showing viewers how to make Taco Bell’s entire menu from the home office.

Menu items include: Taco Bell’s ground beef (seasoning and all), refried beans, fire sauce, nachos cheese sauce, hard and soft shell tacos, Crunch Wrap Supremes, Double Decker Tacos, Steak Quesadillas and the Mexican Pizza.

Sitting through this video, we’re pretty pumped to try making some Taco Bell at home. Though chances are we’ll probably just hit the drive through on our way to the grocery store getting ingredients.

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Taco Bell FINALLY Makes Their Crunchwrap Sliders With Cheetos

When it comes to fast food, it’s safe to say that American kicks every other country’s ass in terms of quantity, sizes, variety and price. Quality is a tough category for any fast food company to pin down. With Canada’s recent additions to their Taco Bell menu, they might very well be gunning for that throne.

In a move that upsets every American that has wanted this, Taco Bell in Canada has come out with their new Cheetos Crunchwrap Sliders. This is upsetting to American Taco Bell enthusiasts for one reason: the chips.

Slack for iOS Upload

When Taco Bell first introduced the Sliders, they came in three flavors: spicy chicken, BLT and beefy cheddar. All three flavors were good and each boasted their own unique qualities. The only issue was that they put Frito’s corn chips in them, and lets be honest, nobody gives a damn about Frito’s chips anymore.

What they SHOULD have done was used Doritos, or Cheetos, or any other brand of potato chips that ends in -to’s other than Frito’s. Canada seems to have figured that out formula out.

The company’s Canadian locations will be serving Crunchwrap Sliders of the same flavors, although they will be swapping out the American-influenced BLT Crunchwrap Slider for the Supreme Crunchwrap Slider. On top of that, they will be using delicious Cheetos Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeno chips rather than the Frito’s, which don’t make nearly as much sense in hindsight.

Unfortunately for Americans, the Crunchwrap Sliders are no longer available here, so someone pick me up on their way up to Winnipeg. I’ve got beer and Cheetos.



Photo Credit: Buzzfeed, Business Insider