Taco Bell Launches New Sriracha Crunchwrap Sliders For $1


Taco Bell has brought back their little Crunchwrap Sliders and added a Sriracha-based flavor to the mix.

The Sriracha Chicken Sliders are stuffed with shredded chicken, Fritos and Taco Bell’s Sriracha sauce, according to Brand Eating.

The fast food taco shop is also adding a Spicy Beef Nacho flavor which consists of ground beef, nacho cheese sauce, spicy chipotle sauce and the customary Fritos chips.

In 2014, the Crunchwrap Sliders made their debut as Taco Bell basically took the concept of their classic Crunchwrap and shrunk it down to fit in a child-like hand. The only real difference is that the tostada shell is replaced with Fritos for a bit of a different crunch.

Coming back are the Beefy Cheddar and BLT Crunchwrap Sliders and will all be available for $1, for a limited time.

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Taco Bell Uses Shrink Ray to Test $1 Crunchwrap Sliders


Before the gimmicks, before Doritos, before taco waffles, there was Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap: a humble bit of fast food ingenuity, that combined everything decent about fake Mexican food into one neat, catchily named package. So, yes, you can say we’re a little excited about this.

Out in Ohio, Taco Bell is currently testing — has been testing for a least a month now — a new line of mini Crunchwraps they’re calling Crunchwrap Sliders, because screw real food categories, right? Like the original Crunchwrap, these guys take a firm, folded tortilla and stuffed it with your choice of beef and cheddar, barbecue chipotle chicken, or bacon, lettuce, and tomato fillings, but in a size barely larger than an open adult palm. Instead of the original taco shell round, the sliders also get their crunch from a nice helping of Fritos chips, presumably for size reasons, but maybe also because the tiny corn curls were feeling left out of big brother Doritos’ party.

Either way, if you’re in the area, you can grab yours for just $1, or all three for less than a cost of a regular Crunchwrap (about $3.29).

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