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Ferrero Reportedly Buying Nestle For A Whopping $2.8 Billion


It was just last December that news broke of Nestle trying to sell off its U.S. confectionery unit, and while it seemed that Hershey’s might be the favorite to buy its rival’s popular chocolates, an unexpected player has swooped in, and looks to be crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s on a deal.

Ferrero — yes, the Italian company that makes Nutella and those delicious little hazelnut Ferrero Rocher chocolates — is closing in on a $2.8 billion acquisition of Nestle U.S., according to Bloomberg.

We could hear official news of the sale as soon as Sunday, and would seemingly help both companies, as Ferrero wants to build its confectionery presence in the U.S., while Nestle is trying to back off and focus more on its coffee, drinks, and basically every other product that is not candy-related.

Ferrero’s impending purchase of Nestle U.S. is huge news, if only for the prospects of having Nutella infused in some of our favorites sweets, such as Crunch, and even Butterfinger bars.

If Ferrero wants to dominate the chocolate world, and throw Nutella on everything, we won’t be mad at them. Do your thing, Ferrero.


This Resume Bar is Why You Don’t Have a Job

candy bar

Stop shouting “OH MY GOD I HAD THAT EXACT SAME IDEA!” at the screen for just a minute and peep this story:

Redditor elilanger‘s buddy Nick Begley was looking for a job. No surprise there. The exciting part comes in at his resume. It wasn’t pink (and scented!), it didn’t begin with his name in size 22 font, double bold and underlined. Instead, it was printed and wrapped around — wait for it — a real-live, actual, edible Crunch candy bar. The delicious kind! His qualifications, skills, etc, etc we’re printed where the boring nutritional facts usually go.


And you know what? He got the job.

Suck it, Thinking Inside the Box.

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Is This a Nestle Peppermint Crunch Bar?

Take a look at the photo above. Now back at me. Now back at the photo. Now back at me. Here’s a simple question: is the photo one of a Nestle Peppermint Crunch Bar? Not exactly. But could it be even better than that? Absolutely.

Invented in South Africa (SA), Nestle’s Peppermint Crisp is a milk chocolate candy bar filled with lots of tiny, green, mint toffee cylinders instead of the traditional rice crispies. With the bar’s ends broken off, like the kids do in SA and Australia where the bars are sold in stores, these cylinders serve as the perfect straws to carry your Red Velvet Hot Chocolates and Kahlua Midnights all the way from mug to mouth, all while picking up the minty fresh goodness in between.

According to Brand Eating, the peppermint flavor is awesome, but the milk chocolate is more milk than chocolate, making the pairing between the two only so-so.

Still, this is yet another case of the rest of the world having better food than us and a sure sign that we need to stop asking Santa for Christmas presents and start asking all our local food marketing teams to shut up and take our money.

Nestle Peppermint Crisp: 6 for $20 @ Amazon

photos via Wikipedia, Brand Eating


100% Bacon Burger, Waffle Breakfast Sandwich and the Top News Stories This Week [VIDEO]

The past seven days have been a week of excess in the food industry. Jack in the Box launched a Breakfast Waffle Sandwich, Girl Scout Cookies launched a Nestle Crunch bar, and Taco Bell turned their 10,000 taco airlift into a heartwarming commercial.

Per usual, we’ve packaged up the top six most read stories of the week into a compact video recap:


Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Cookie Candy Bar Hits Stores

It has finally arrived. The Nestle Crunch Girl Scouts Cookie candy bar has finally hit store shelves and the commercials have hit the mainstream.

Pictures floated around for a while, as it was but a mere rumor. Then it got real as pre-orders for the candy bar were made available by Nestle Crunch.

The three flavors that seem to be available are some of the girl scout cookie favorites: Thin Mints, Caramel and Coconut (AKA, Samoas), and Peanut Butter Creme (AKA Tagalongs).

The commercial which has been aired on TV, shows a girl scout warning a Crunch vendor to be careful while stocking the candy bar. Soon after, a mob of customers rush the display and nab the crunchy bar.

The Crunch Facebook page has provided a map to help find the nearest store that is selling the Crunch bar.

Do notice that the commercial states that they are available for a limited time only.

If you missed the last wave of girl scout cookies, this might hold you up until the cookie-selling troopers return.

[Thx Huff Post and Crunch]


Girl Scout Candy Bar Spotted in the Wild

An image of a Girl Scout candy bar has been floating around in cyber space and while its validity was called into question at first, it has been confirmed to be real and coming soon.

Just how soon is yet to be determined, but the Girl Scouts confirmed the candy bar’s existence to the Huffington Post.

The candy bar in the image is of the ever-popular Thin Mint flavor, combined with a Nestle Crunch bar.

The wrapper has “Limited Edition Cookie Flavors” which tells me that since it’s plural, there are more flavors to be revealed.

We can only hope they’re sold in retail stores, and that they stick around permanently. For those who are fans of the sweet treats, and understand the drug-like addiction that comes with them, know that if sold in stores, the bars will be used as a fix for when the cookies are not available.

We might not know when they’re coming, but it is Girl Scout Cookie season, so those boxes of delicious little baked goods will have to do for now.