Dominique Ansel’s Bakery Shuts Down After Mouse Spotted Behind Counter


Dominique Ansel — America’s hottest, most (previously) mobbed deep bakery — shut down today after a customer filmed a mouse sprinting behind the counter. The Department of Health was quick to slap on a notice announcing that the establishment was “CLOSED by Order of the Commisioner of Health and Mental Hygiene.”

“The establishment was closed by the Department because of a severe mouse infestation that requires professional pest control services,” a spokesperson for the DOH told Gothamist.

Check out the daming video below:

The cronut team claims to have spent 7 hours deep cleaning the entire bakery, with nothing suspect being found. A rep suggested that the mouse may have come from the nearby greenhouse and park while the doors were left open. An additional statement was sent to Gothamist in response to the closure:

This is such sad news. Due to the video footage, the DOH came with three inspectors today… any hole larger than the tip of a ballpoint pen is considered a violation. We were asked to re-cement the entire basement, which won’t allow us work. We should be reopened on Monday.

I don’t think people realize the bigger ramifications of their actions and the harm it can bring to a small business. Our staff are heartbroken to have been such a target, but we will of course do our best to rise out strong.

It’s worth it to note that Dominique Ansel Bakery has maintained an A health rating for nearly three years until today.