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Burger King Adds New Impossible Foods Breakfast Croissan’wich To Menus

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Burger King just launched a new breakfast item that’s expanding their meatless menu options to a more sustainable alternative. This comes in the form of the Impossible Croissan’wich.

This new Croissan’wich sandwich features a vegan patty made from Impossible Foods’ sausage.

Burger King’s new item boasts eggs, melted American cheese, and a seasoned sausage that’s composed of plant-based Impossible Foods squared away within a flaky croissant vessel.

Photo: Constantine Spyrou

It should be noted, however, that the sandwich itself is far from vegan. Neither the eggs, nor cheese are plant-based. We’re also pretty sure there’s butter in the croissant as well. Fans have already taken to the chain’s social accounts suggesting an all-vegan version would sell much more.

However, this could be a step towards sustainability within fast food especially when it comes to the scarcity of meat these days.

The Impossible Croissan’wich is available nationwide now at participating Burger King locations. BK is also giving away up to 100,000 free Impossible Croissan’wich sandwiches to any late-night diners through their app to with the minimum of $1 purchase.

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You Could Get A Free Burger King Croissan’wich Thanks To BOGO Lawsuit Settlement

Earlier this year, a woman filed a class action lawsuit against Burger King claiming that they were up-charging customers for a 2-for-1 Croissan’wich deal. It appears as if she’s won her case, as the King and the woman suing the chain agreed to settle, and you could get free food as a result.

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The BOGO lawsuit settlement doesn’t acknowledge that Burger King did anything wrong, nor has the court decided who was right in the case. However, for Koleta Anderson and her legal team, it marks a huge win that entitles anybody who utilized the same deals she did to a refund.

Anderson had initially filed the suit in May after realizing that she paid significantly less for a single Croissan’wich than for two with a BOGO coupon. In one case, she paid a buck for one sandwich, but paid $4.61 for two after redeeming the coupon.

It’s not just Anderson who gets a win here, however. As part of the settlement, anyone nationwide who qualifies for reimbursement may receive some money from Burger King. According to a press release, the terms of qualification are as follows:

“You may be included in the settlement if, during October 1, 2015 and May 19, 2017 (the “Class Period”), you purchased two or more modified CROISSAN’WICH® breakfast sandwiches (without egg, cheese and/or a meat) from a BURGER KING® restaurant, redeemed a BOGO coupon in connection with the purchase, and paid more than the amount that restaurant was charging at the time for a single, unmodified, higher-priced Croissan’wich you ordered.”

Burger King will give out $5 payments or $2 gift cards to those included in the settlement. You have until January 19th, 2018 to file a claim form, which you can do at this website.

The court will hold a hearing in April 2018 to determine if this settlement is fair and reasonable, so you’ll probably have to wait until then to get reimbursed if you do qualify for a refund of some kind.

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Burger King Getting Sued For ‘Deceiving Customers’ With BOGO Croissan’wich Deal

We have breakfast. We have all of the breakfast.

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Usually, when you see a “Buy One, Get One Free” (or BOGO) deal at restaurant, you’d expect to pay the price of one item to get two. At Burger King, that may not be the case.

Maryland resident Koleta Anderson discovered that the hard way, and is now suing the fast food chain for deceiving customers with its BOGO coupon deal on their breakfast Croissan’wich. Her class action suit, filed in the U.S. district court in Maryland, claims that on multiple occasions at multiple Burger King locations, she paid more for the two sandwiches using the BOGO coupon than she did paying for a single sandwich.

In one such case in Washington D.C., she was able to obtain a single Croissan’wich for $1.00, but when she used the BOGO coupon for two sandwiches, she paid $4.61. On her other purchasing attempts at Burger Kings in Maryland and Virginia, Anderson paid about a dollar more for the BOGO deal than she did for a single sandwich. The consistency of these price increases makes it look like Burger King’s corporate policy is to inflate the price of a single sandwich under the BOGO deal, which is then basically a scam to anyone using these coupons.

As such, Anderson’s class action lawsuit extends to anyone who purchased two Croissan’wiches with the BOGO Coupon in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. The suit accuses Burger King of misleading consumers with the BOGO coupon, and wants the chain to turn over any “unjustly acquired profits” made from this promotion.

If you used this coupon and live in the affected areas, I’d definitely pay attention to this lawsuit, as you might be walking away with some extra refund money as a result.

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Burger King Adds Fully Loaded Crossan’wich To The Menu


Burger King is taking its Croissan’wich and stacking it a little higher these days. The burger chain has released a new breakfast menu item in the form of the Fully Loaded Croissan’wich.

Made with thinly-sliced sweet black forest ham, a sausage patty, thick-cut bacon, eggs and cheese, the ingredients are wedged between a toasted flakey croissant. It seems these “fully-loaded” sandwiches are getting harder and harder to bite into these days. Not that we’re complaining.

The breakfast sandwich will be available at participating Burger King locations. Patrons can find it on the breakfast menu for a limited time.

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SPAM Now Being Served at Burger King

SPAM. At Burger King. You heard it, the famous canned-meat SPAM. Right now, it’s only at Hawaii Burger King locations, but if you opt for some SPAM in the morning (looks to be only until 10 a.m.), you can get it as part of a SPAM platter with eggs and rice, or as part of a CROISSAN’WICH. Make sure to catch the commercial after the jump: