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Lay’s Announces CRISPY TACO As Flavor Contest Winner

Photo: Lay’s

A few months back, Lay’s announced the finalists for their annual “Do Us A Flavor” contest. The yearly competition had fans create flavors they thought would be perfect for the potato chip brand.

Fans voted for either Fried Green Tomatoes, Everything Bagels, or Crispy Taco – the three finalists from this year’s competition.

It seems a winner has finally been found.

Photo: Lay’s

Lay’s announced that Crispy Taco is the winner of this year’s Do Us A Flavor contest.

The Crispy Taco flavor was created by Elle Sarem from San Antonio, Texas. She said inspiration came to her from years of hard work perfecting her taco recipe. While her first attempt at making tacos was less-than-perfect, she appears to have nailed the technique. Her winning idea landed her a $1 million grand prize.

A million bucks buys a lot of tacos. A lot.

You can find Lay’s Crispy Taco flavor at participating grocery retailers. Now that this year’s competition has come to an end, better start brainstorming flavors for next year’s contest.

Uni pot pie, anyone?