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McDonald’s Tests Crispy Chicken And Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches

Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

Not too long ago, McDonald’s brought back the crispy chicken to its breakfast menus. It looks like the options are expanding for the lauded protein — at least in the testing stages. 

Brand Eating reports that McDonald’s has begun testing a Cripsy Chicken and Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

The new sandwich features the chain’s crispy chicken filet, butter, honey sauce, applewood-smoked bacon, and the customer’s choice of an English Muffin or a biscuit. 

Currently, the sandwiches are available at select McDonald’s locations in Sacramento and Stockton, CA. 

Fast Food

Taco Bell is Working on Fried Chicken Battered With Tortilla Chips


Taco Bell has ground beef, grilled chicken, grilled steak and now…fried chicken?

Arguably the unsung hero of last week’s unveil of the Biscuit Taco was the looming availability of fried chicken at the world’s largest taco chain. The mention of “crispy chicken” during our tasting was understated and almost got swept under the rug. When they talked about it, it was only in reference as a meat option for the new Biscuit Taco. You can order it with country gravy or jalapeño honey. That was awesome and all — but before we knew it, they were already talking about the next product…

Then we prodded them for more — wait, FRIED CHICKEN? Go back to that please.

And go back they did — mentioning that the distinguishing factor in their new protein option was that it was battered in tortilla chips, something they hope makes their version of chicken easily distinguishable from their competitors.

The feeling we got in the room was that the new crispy chicken option was likely going to be part of future menu items outside of breakfast. Can you imagine a 7-Layer Burrito with fried chicken? How about a Fried Chicken Enchilada or Fried Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco?

They confirmed that they had plans to continue the testing of their crispy chicken in the hopes of making it a staple meat option for their menu.

Here’s a shot of their new fried chicken with the new jalapeño honey poured on it:

Better question, what Taco Bell menu item would you want fried chicken on?!