Man, 78, Allegedly Stabs His Wife to Death When She Refuses to Make Him a Burger


Bartolo Gelsomino, a 78-year-old man in Miami, allegedly stabbed Ana Gelsomino, his 71-year-old wife, to death when she refused to cook him a hamburger, report authorities.

Gelsomino, was arrested on January 21, after the couple’s daughter found her mother’s body in their home. Although he attempted to make it seem as if their house had been burglarized in order to cover up the murder, following his arrest the man confessed to stabbing his wife with a kitchen knife, detailed the series of events and revealed to investigators where he hid the murder weapons and the clothes he had been wearing.

He is currently being held at the Miami-Dade County Jail.

We suppose this is one hamburglar who won’t be getting away. . . Too soon?

H/T NBC News, Miami Herald