How Eating The Last Piece Of Chicken Cost This Man His Life


Dinner can be an intense experience when you’re looking to forward to chowing down. Sadly, some take it too seriously. Such was the tragic case for a Houston man who was killed after eating the last piece of chicken, ABC 7 reports.

A group of five men were cooking dinner and drinking in a Lakeside Estates apartment late Friday evening. When 34-year-old Darwin Perez Gonzalez took the last piece of chicken, it infuriated 38-year-old Reinaldo Cardoso Rivera.

The two men argued until the situation escalated into a fist fight. Rivera allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed Gonzalez before taking off with the weapon. Gonzalez died at the scene of the incident.

Later, however, Rivera returned to the scene and admitted to the officers that he had stabbed Gonzalez. He was then arrested and charged with murder.


Jared Fogle Breaks Out Checkbook And Drops $1 Million On Sexual Victims

Jared Million

It’s been a pretty eventful year for former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle. The former porn kingpin, turned fat kid, turned Subway icon was arrested a few months ago for child pornography charges and sex with a minor. In the wake of these charges, Fogle has paid his sexual victims $1 million in restitution, CNN reports.

Steven DeBrota, Assistant U.S. Attorney, told reporters Thursday that the payments are part of a plea agreement. Because of the plea, Fogle will only face 5 to 12 and a half years in prison for charges of child pornography and crossing state lines to have sex with a minor.

Of the 14 victims that Fogle either solicited sex acts from or secretly photographed, 10 have received $100,000 in restitution. The other four victims will be paid before Fogle’s hearing in November.

Fogle’s attorney stated to AP that the former Subway sandwich figure knows that the money won’t undo the damage he caused his victims, but will hopefully help them move on with their lives.


Horrific Shootout At Sports Bar Chain Prompts The Restaurant’s Permanent Closure


A massive biker-gang fight at a Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas, left nine dead and 192 in police custody. The incident occurred Sunday, May 17 at the mountain-themed sport lodge and bar, closing it down in order for authorities to secure the scene. Turns out, Twin Peaks’ corporate office in Dallas has no plans to reopen the location.

The fight allegedly began over a parking spot during a recruitment for new gang members. Police were already on the scene to make sure nothing went wrong before the brawl started in the restaurant’s parking lot. What began as a heated argument quickly led to fists, knives, chains and guns being drawn.

Officers opened fire as things escalated. A total of nine gang members were killed, 18 hospitalized and 192 arrested once things came to an end. Luckily, no customers or bystanders were injured at all.

In a public statement, the company said that the management of the location chose to ignore warnings and advice from corporate and the local police and wanted to keep certain gang members around. Because of this, which presumably led to the horrific incident, the Waco location will be shut down and the franchise agreement will be revoked.



Hero Pizza Guy Still Makes The Delivery After Getting Stabbed And Carjacked


When working as a pizza delivery man, getting the pies from the pizzeria to the customers is the number one priority. Though if you’re stabbed and your car gets stolen, we’re sure they’ll let it slide.

Josh Lewis, 25, is a driver for Spinelli’s Pizzeria. The Louisville-based pizzeria sent him on a delivery to a local hospital.

Upon his arrival to the hospital, Lewis was stabbed in the back. Allegedly, his attacker had followed him to the hospital. After stabbing Lewis, the attacker took off with Lewis’ car.

Somehow, Lewis was able to stumble into the emergency room and deliver the pizzas before collapsing. Currently, the young pizza man is in stable condition and undergoing surgery for a collapsed lung.

The authorities are looking for any information on Lewis’ attacker.


Cocky Thief Steals Entire Cooler Of Ice Cream And Flips Off Surveillance Camera, Clerk Fast Asleep


It’s human nature to occasionally doze off on the job. It’s frowned upon, but it happens. A Chevron clerk in Oakland Park, FL, fell asleep during a shift behind the register. A man, identified as Dennis Norman, entered the station to catch the clerk noticeably dozing.

Norman walked up to the ice cream cooler and opened it, like he was about to buy some. He then looked at the clerk, who was still sleeping, and then turned his gaze to the security camera where he confidently raised his middle finger.

Here’s where things take a surprising turn.

Norman begins to inspect the ice cream cooler from multiple angeles. He then slowly begins to drag the cooler away from the wall where it sat. He continued to do so for about 15 minutes until he made it out with the entire ice cream cooler.

The clerk, still asleep.

Norman was eventually arrested and charged with grand theft. After spending 12 hours in jail, he was released on $1,000 bail. No word on whether he finished off the ice cream.


Major Whiskey Crime Ring Busted For $100,000 In Stolen Booze


A few years ago, $25,300 worth of Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon was stolen. The theft made headlines in 2013, especially since alcohol aficionados would have to shell out $220 for a bottle of the bourbon whiskey. A total of 65 cases were stolen and the case was left unsolved.

Turns out there’s a break.

Kentucky authorities have announced the indictment of nine people in connection to the thefts that have been happening since 2008.

The crime, however, is believed to be a part of an even bigger scheme. Police say that they’ve noticed a pattern amoung the thefts that have led to the recovery of 17 barrels of bourbon, 20 cases of Pappy Van Winkle and a stainless-steel barrel of Eagle Rare. That’s a lot of expensive booze. The group is charged with at least $100,000 in stolen alcohol.

According to the authorities, the crimes were well-planned and organized and definitely do not appear to be isolated incidents.

Sources say, the leader of the entire operation was a 45-year-old employee of Buffalo Trace Distillery.

The investigation is currently ongoing.


Hissy Customer at Tim Hortons Mad About Onions, Throws Snake for Emphasis


Everyone has faced disappointment when it comes to fast food at some point. They can either cause a scene, complain to management or simply get over it. One customer decided to go with the lesser known fourth option: snake throwing.

An argument over diced onions at a Saskatoon Tim Hortons led to a shouting match between two customers and an employee. In the heat of the argument, one of the arguing customers decided it was a good idea to escalate the matter by reaching into his friend’s coat and pulling out a live snake.

He then chucked it over the counter at the Tim Hortons worker.

Now if you throw a snake in a restaurant, even a harmless one like a garter snake, you’re probably going to upset some folks. Amongst the screams of Tim Hortons patrons, the police were called to take the two suspects into custody and catch the snake.

They are both facing charges of causing a disturbance and mischief.

There have been no reports of injury and the garter snake is currently in a temporary home. It will be released back into the Canadian wilds.

h/t CBC


Cannibals Get Caught Slinging People-Filled Pastries


Hannibal-style empadas, anyone?

Three people are being tried in Brazil for acts of cannibalism and frankly being disturbed as all hell. A husband, his wife and his mistress were all charged with killing and dismembering two women. The women were told they would be offered employment as nannies, but instead were met with a terrible fate.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the grisly threesome ate parts of their victims and used their flesh to make Brazilian pastries known as empadas. To make matters even worse, the trio ate and sold these pastries to their neighbors. Oh, and their innocent kid also ate some people-flavored empadas. Those crazies couldn’t even leave the poor kid out of it. The reasoning behind such a disgusting crime? They were trying to purify the world and reduce its population. Smh.

This isn’t the first time people have gone AWOL and turned full-on cannibal. Last month, we reported on an Australian chef who offed his girlfriend and thought it wise to turn her into a meal. This guy narrowly avoided the cops by taking his own life. Seriously, what the actual fudgsicles is wrong with people?

H/T Washington Post + PicThx Eater