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Domino’s Pizza Driver Saves Woman From Kidnapping Situation

A vigilant pizza delivery driver stepped into the role of a hero this week after he helped save a woman from an intense kidnapping situation.

According to Q13 FOX, Domino’s driver Joey Grundl noticed a woman standing behind 55-year-old Dean Hoffmann mouthing the words “help me” after he came to deliver a pizza. Grundl noted that a black eye was noticeably visible and that she had also mouthed for him to “call the police.”

According to investigators, Hoffmann, an-ex boyfriend of the woman, had entered the her home without permission and allegedly wrestled the phone out of her hands as she attempted to call the police. The two fought, leading to the victim’s black eye and a bloody nose before she was tied up with a vacuum’s power cord.

While Hoffmann eventually untied the victim, she told the police that he would not let her leave the house and even went as far as texting the woman’s children telling them to avoid visit for a few days because their mother was sick. She states that at one point he mentioned getting his gun from the car and shooting the both of them.

She got her shot at freedom when one of them decided to order some Domino’s.

After Grundl dropped off the pizza, and noticed the woman mouthing that she needed help, the driver left and alerted the authorities.

When the cops arrived, Hoffmann was arrested without incident. He is being charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, strangulation and suffocation, felony intimidation of a victim, and burglary of a building.

As for Grundl, he hasn’t had any contact with the woman since the incident, but says that her son personally stopped into his Domino’s to thank him for his heroic act.

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Man Brutally Beaten For Offering To Pay For Strangers’ Meal In Brooklyn Restaurant

A kind gesture can go a long way sometimes. However, in some cases, there can be negative connotations to trying to be a nice guy. Such was the case with a man at a Brooklyn restaurant earlier this month, reports Daily News.

Two men entered a Texas Chicken and Burgers in Prospect Park on the evening of March 1. One of the men had said loudly that no one would give him a dollar to order his food. A 37-year-old diner overheard and offered to pay for the two men’s meal.

It seems the offer of a free meal triggered the two assailants as they proceed to assault the man, even going as far as taking his walking cane while he was on the ground and hitting him with it repeatedly. Upon seeing the commotion, two more assailants rushed into the restaurant and attacked the victim. One man even rifled through the victims pockets before the police arrived.

Some patrons of the chicken and burger restaurant tried to intervene and stop the beating, while others merely stepped over the victim and ordered their food.

It’s terrifying to see how some people can react to a kind gesture. Hopefully this incident doesn’t deter us from trying to help out those in need.

The police are asking anyone with information regarding the assault to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577 – TIPS.

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U.S. Marshal Arrested For Allegedly Pulling A Gun On A McDonald’s Employee



A U.S. Marshal was arrested early Saturday morning near a Brooklyn McDonald’s after allegedly pulling a gun on an employee over some overdue fast food.

According to Gothamist, 30-year-old Charles Brown got into a heated argument with a 25-year-old employee about the wait for his meal. Allegedly, Brown angrily left the restaurant, pulled out a gun, and pointed the weapon at an employee from the outside of the McDonald’s.

Police found Brown about a block away with a loaded .40-caliber pistol. He is being charged with menacing, a licensed firearm transgression, and harassment.

The U.S. Marshal appeared in court and was released without bail and the U.S. Marshal Service is currently looking into Brown’s employment status. As a result of the incident, Brown is required to stay away from the McDonald’s location.


Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Serves Teens Donuts Covered In Bleach

I’ve heard of poisoning people with their favorite treats, but donuts? They’re the most sacred treats on earth. Poisoning them is some next level Game of Thrones type shit.

One Dunkin’ Donuts employee certainly didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

According to NBC Chicago, a group of teenagers went to the Oaktown, Virginia, location of Dunkin’ Donuts and were able to get their hands on the leftover donuts at the end of the day, all for free. Since it worked once, they figured they would try this trick again. Why not, right?

The kids came back several times, but were turned away every time. Eventually, the employee in question became tired of their requests and decided to give them free donuts again, only he told them to come back later, knowing that he would have time to do his dastardly deeds.

Before the kids came back, the employee allegedly sprayed all of the donuts he planned on giving them with a cleaning solution that contained bleach in it, clearly with the intention of hurting them, and possibly killing them.

The kids ate the donuts, some eating the entire donut and some just a bite, before realizing that something was wrong. The police were called shortly thereafter. Thankfully, none of the children sustained any serious injuries. A criminal investigation is currently being conducted.

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A Man Named Ronald McDonald Was Shot At A Fast Food Spot, But Not The One You Think


Ronald McDonald was shot earlier this week outside of a Sonic. FOX 5 reports that a man bearing the same name as the McDonald’s pale jester mascot was shot outside of the popular fast food drive-in.

The 36-year-old man had allegedly got into an argument with another guy while outside the Sonic in Lumberton, NC. It escalated and the two exchanged gunfire. McDonald received non-life threatening injuries.

McDonald was said to be married to one of the managers at that Sonic location. Currently the incident is still under investigation and there have not yet been any arrests.


This Dude Snuck A Heroin-Filled Burrito Into A Hospital, Syringe And All


Police in Bradenton, FL., are looking for a man who entered a hospital and left behind a burrito filled with heroin. The Bradenton Herald reports that the man arrived at Blake Medical Center and left a bag of food for a patient with an employee.

When the employee checked the contents of the bag, a syringe was discovered to be inside the burrito.

The authorities were alerted immediately and tests showed that the contents of the syringe were positive for “the presence of heroin.”

Police are currently looking for the man who dropped off the burrito. He’s described as about 6 feet tall with a thin build and has bleach blond hair.

Wonder if he goes around to all the local hospitals dropping off special burritos.


Maryland Teen Breaks Into Home, Eats Food, Whacks Off Then Bounces

Some little fartling has raised the bar for shittiness worldwide by not only breaking into someone’s house and stealing shit, but then eating the homeowner’s food and masturbating into his fridge. Don’t read that sentence again, you read it right the first time. This little hellspawn literally chowed down then began badgering his witness right into the fruits and vegetables drawer.

Kids these days, am I right?

The crime of passion took place in Laurel, Maryland, on the 3400 block of Old Annapolis Road.

The victim had been robbed before when an intruder broke in and stole an electronic tablet, so he decided to set up cameras throughout the house in order to catch any future would-be thieves. It was later discovered that the little splooge scrooge that was punchin’ his munchkin into the fridge was the same suspect that robbed the house the first time.

On November 7th, 2015, the Anne Arundel County Police Department was alerted of a breach in security at the home. After reviewing the tape, police saw the suspect walk into the kitchen and eat the homeowner’s food. The little semen demon then topped off the night with his pièce de résistance, which was his plan to smite his knight into the fridge.

Dude…why? I can’t figure out why this 15-year-old spermin’ vermin chose to bash his bishop directly into the fridge rather than pop a squat on the couch or take a stroll into one of the bedrooms.

Police eventually tracked the sproglodyte down and arrested him, charging him with two counts of first degree burglary, three counts of theft and my personal favorite, cause to ingest bodily fluid. I didn’t even know that was something you could be charged with.

Moral of the story? If you’re going to adjust your antenna, do it in the privacy of your own home, on your own food.

Image Source: iFunny, Comic Vine


One Simple Denny’s Pancake Rule Led To A Woman Punching A Waitress


Some folks take the term all-you-can-eat very seriously. An Illinois woman was charged with assault after she was told some very disappointing news about her pancakes: No sharing.

The Smoking Gun reports that the woman, Natasha West, was sharing her Denny’s $4 all-you-can-eat pancakes with other people at her table. A waitress at the restaurant explained to West that she couldn’t do this, causing West to Hulk out.

According to NBC Chicago, 27-year-old West began to swear and started swinging her fists at the server. The authorities say that in her flurry of fists, West struck the waitress that told her she couldn’t share. West then kicked a door numerous times and left the Denny’s without paying her bill.

After she left, the manager of the restaurant called the cops. They found West in a car with her dining companions a short while later and brought them back to the Denny’s to be identified by the staff. One of her friends paid the bill and West was arrested and charged with assault and damage to property.