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Crepes Get Turned Into ‘Pasta’ In This Delicious Take On Dessert

If you’re looking for a crash course on how to do dessert pasta, this restaurant’s take could serve as the entire curriculum.

At ChocoFruit in Anaheim, California, they serve up a Dessert Fettuccine that is the epitome of decadence. It utilizes sliced strips of sweet crepe as the “pasta,” and is coated with a triple layer of chocolate (white, milk, and dark) before being topped off with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sprinkles.

All of the ingredients combine together for a creamy sauce comparable to chocolate “alfredo,” with the ice cream adding to the smooth, luscious treat. The crepes “fettuccine” adds a unique texture that will make you talk about the dessert pasta long after you slurp up the last “noodle.”

ChocoFruit specializes in an assortment of dessert crepes, including one made with Lotus cookie butter that will entice fans of the legendary snack. The cookie butter and white chocolate intertwine in intricate designs that’ll make you want to snap photos of the treat for your Instagram feeds immediately.

ChocoFruit’s crepe selection bridges the unique and familiar for a fun dessert experience, whether you go for the cookie butter or order pasta for dessert.

Photos by Pete Pham

Created in partnership with Visit Anaheim

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This Restaurant Created A Mazapan Breakfast Menu

It has been ingrained in my body that a well-balanced breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A stark contrast from my fellow Foodbeast Isai Rocha, who once admitted there were times he ate Mazapan candy for breakfast when he was younger.

A sugary tether between the world of balance and indulgence, Loaded Cafe, a restaurant chain in Southern California, created a menu that is inspired by the popular Mexican sweet.

The restaurant offers up Mazapan Waffles, French Toast, Pancakes, and Crepes. Each dish blends crumbled pieces of the peanut candy inside its batter. It’s then garnished with a house-made Mazapan syrup, made with sweetened condensed milk.

Fellow Foodbeasts Isai Rocha and Oscar Gonzalez met up at Loaded Cafe to check out what this Mazapan breakfast menu is all about.

“I love eating Mexican breakfast foods, but I feel like most of it is just savory or spicy dishes, so I really enjoyed trying some sweet breakfast foods that reminded me of my Mexican culture,” Gonzalez said as he dug into his meal. “The Mazapan has its own distinct flavor that really pairs well with any breakfast item, even the hash browns.”

The two hungry dudes went full family style into the breakfast spread, their faces illuminated like a freshly changed light bulb.

“Even though it’s made with peanuts, it’s definitely not the same as adding peanut butter to items,” Gonzalez gushed, as he tore into another crepe. “It’s sweeter and more condensed in a way that satisfied my craving for sweet breakfast foods and Mexican cuisine.”

Overall, the two thought the menu was innovative enough to save us a few boxes. That was supposed to include hash browns and crepes, but those were conspicuously missing by the time they got back.

You can find this Mazapan breakfast menu at each of the Loaded Cafe locations throughout Southern California.

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This Shrimp Scampi Crepe Is A Seafood-Lover’s Dream

Since 1992, Santa Ana-based CrepeMaker has been a standout success, thanks to creating mouthwatering French crepe combinations that are built to satisfy the biggest appetites and curb the most indulgent sweet tooth.

With an expansive menu, CrepeMaker, located at MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, boasts an assortment of savory breakfast crepes, decadent dessert crepes and an innovative roundup of crepe creations including a Caesar chicken crepe, and a pizza crepe made with melted mozzarella, cheddar/jack blend and pizza sauce.

CrepeMaker is adding something special to its menu that is sure to be an instant favorite!

The Shrimp Scampi Crepe is made with shrimp marinated in olive oil and spices, parmesan cheese, and mozzarella cheese. This massive seafood themed crepe is then stuffed with mushrooms and topped with lettuce and tomatoes.

Lastly, the Shrimp Scampi Crepe is drizzled with a special cilantro lime dressing and sprayed with balsamic vinegar. So, if you’re a fan of crepes, grab a friend, a fork and a napkin, and get down to CrepeMaker before this limited time offer sails into the sunset.

Created in partnership with MainPlace Mall

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This Restaurant Has A Lasagna Made Out Of Crepes And It’s Spectacular

Ah crepes. Those thin French pancakes are one of the most versatile foods around. If you’re feeling that sweet tooth of yours itch, you can have them filled with fruits and chocolate. If you’re in the mood for something a little heartier, add some ham, egg, and cheese.

Maman in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, expounds on the latter by introducing an innovative new Crepes Lasagna to their brunch menu.

The lasagna is made with house-made beef bolognese, ricotta, and comte cheese. Each thin layer is smothered in ricotta and bolognese, then topped with shredded comte. The individual pieces are then stacked together and thrown into the oven.

Once baked, the cheesy masterpiece is served on a bed of greens with a shower of scallions.


As the trend of fusing dishes of two different cultures continues, we’re more than happy to take a bite out of this French-inspired take on an Italian dish. Or is it vice versa? At any rate, it sure beats a Whopperrito.

You can find the dish at the Greenpoint location (80 Kent Street, Brooklyn) of Maman Saturdays and Sunday during the restaurant’s brunch hours.


Nutella Crepe Cake

nutella crepe cake

Could I have found a better recipe to introduce myself with to the Foodbeast crowd? Maybe. But, since this was on hubz mind, and hubz is priority, I am going to show you how you can take that jar of Nutella and do a lot more with it than just spooning it out of the jar and into your mouth. Although, that probably is the best way to eat Nutella.


Red Velvet Crepes

This particular dish was brought to our attention via Madalina, an obviously talented foodie with an eye for what looks good and better yet, what tastes good. In this concoction, she wanted a chance to eat cake for breakfast, so she re-imagined a traditional crepe with red velvet flavors in mind. Made with a rich red crepe filled with piped mascarpone cream and chocolate ganache. (Recipe @ Duhlicious)


Pumpkin Pie Crepes

Stef of the CupcakeProject has dropped a real banger for us today, rather out-of-her-box in terms of cupcake mastery, but interesting nonetheless! We’re looking at some homemade crepes filled with pumpkin pie filling. She utilizes a Serbian crepe recipe and uses her own Pumpkin Pie Frosting recipe for the inner filling. Game changer for Thanksgiving morning? I think so!