Krispy Kreme Offers Crème Brûlée Doughnut with Caramelized Sugar Crust


The beauty of dishes like crème brûlée and donuts is that they’re simple. Still we’d be crazy not to love this new mashup from our favorite alliterative donut shop Krispy Kreme. Out in Indonesia, they’ve just introduced a new Crème Brûlée Doughnut, featuring a burnt caramelized sugar crust atop pillows of fluffy fried bread and creamy custard filling.

It’s definitely not the first crème brûlée donut out there, but it is probably the first one with its own “hot now” sign.

According to Brand Eating, the donut was previously available in the Philippines under the name “Krème Brûlée.” Other versions have popped up elsewhere around the states, from Doughnut Plant in New York to Semi Sweet Bakery in Los Angeles.

Still the craziest we’ve seen has to be this Krispy Kreme-INFUSED crème brûlée from South Carolina chef Rodney Freidank. Six whole glazed donuts pureed into a creamy egg base. Lifestyle magazine Garden & Gun has the recipe. *DEAD*

Picthx Krispy Kreme Indonesia