Forget Ice Cream, This Video Might Be the Scariest Advertisement Ever, Period

If this is some kind of new, even more twisted dead baby joke, I’m not laughing.

Coming from Philadelphia ice cream company “Little Baby’s,” this minute long-ad features a woman who seems to really love ice cream, but is also, incidentally, made out of ice cream.

See (or spare yourself and don’t see) how well that predicament works out for her, here (but don’t say I didn’t warn you):

I’m not sure which is more stomach-churning: the amount of times the narrator says “eat little babies…”; the fact that the girl’s eating out of her own head; or that she’s smiling (smiling!) while doing it.

Nope, it’s the smile, definitely the smile—makes you want to kind of curl up under a blanket or something. Or cry.

At this point, I would say go to a happy place filled with rainbows and ice cream, but this video pretty much shot that baby in the face.

Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day?

[Via Gawker]