Too Real: Cakes That Look Like Raw Turkey, Baby Heads & More

Gone are the days of the boring and predictable cakes. No, a new era is here — an era where creative cakes are king. Why stick with icing and piping tools when you can essentially shape, mold and airbrush anything (and we really mean ANYTHING) you want?

We’ve seen some cakes that are appetizing, some that are (not surprisingly) nausea-inducing, and others that are just plain creepy.

Take, for instance, this cake resembling a raw turkey that makes us react in all three of the aforementioned ways.

London-based Sarah Hardy Cakes did an incredible job of modeling the cake to look like a real-life salmonella fest. The orange and rum cake (yum) is eerily realistic, down to the shading, not to mention the bumpy quality of the skin.

We saw a few others that we just had to mention, in the same vein of creepy:


White Chocolate Baby Heads

Yeah, these glossy-eyed babies, with their chubby cheeks and cute chins — made of white chocolate by Annabel De Vetten of Conjurer’s Kitchen — can be kind of freaky. But perhaps there’s something endearing about the thought of literally “eating them all up.” Or does the thought of sweet “cannibalism” just make us queasy?


Snake Cake

If we didn’t know any better, we’d run screaming from this cake. Those beady eyes, that smooth skin — it’s an impressive likeness of a Burmese python cake created by Francesca Pitcher from North Star Cakes. To be honest, this cake makes me confused — do I want to eat it, or does it want to eat ME?

H/T: HuffPost


Thorax Cake

We’re thoroughly fascinated and disgusted. Here’s a gutsy (had to) thorax cake, complete with all of the organs and lots of gore (that’s raspberry sauce, strawberry sauce and more actually). Sheer genius and kind of terrifying.

H/T: Geekologie