These 6 Foods Will BOOST Your Creativity [Infographic]

Ever been stuck in a creative rut? We’ve all been there. Turns out there are some foods that can actually help improve your creativity and put you on the path to getting that spark back.

Creative Market put together an infographic that shows six foods known to help boost brainpower and help your juices flow. The six featured are eggs, alcohol, dark chocolate, broccoli, nuts and oats.

Some help with memory while others help increase blood circulation in the brain. Others simply relieve stress. Together, all of these foods help improve your more creative instincts.

Check them out below.



Danish Beer Knows You’re a Drunk, Tells You When to Stop Drinking

“Finally, you can drink to solve your problems.”

Clearly, employees at marketing agency CP+B Copenhagen have never met an American. The agency teamed up with Danish brewery Rocket Brewing to add some science and marketing gimmicks to an age-old creative stimulant: alcohol.

University of Illinois researchers discovered that we reach peak creativity at 0.075 blood alcohol content. Using the resulting study as a base, the ad man+brewery bro collaboration produced The Problem Solver: a 7.1 percent India Pale Ale, complete with a drinking guide.

Each bottle is marked by sex and kilograms. When you reach your weight (in kg), you stop drinking. No, really, you have to stop.


While this will definitely be useful to creative types, this kind of bottling system also works really well for monitoring your alcohol intake (read: responsible adults, breastfeeding moms, and DUI probationers). Unfortunately, The Problem Solver is only available in Copenhagen at an after-hours workshop.

Maybe they have met some Americans…

H/t and picthx Engadget