Your Brain on Beer vs Your Brain on Coffee [INFOGRAPHIC]


Drunk writing rocks. You hunker down, rauchbier in hand, and just tell your inner critic to piss the f@#k off. No idea is too silly or too bizarre and as long as you’re not thinking, everything spewing out of your mad little fingers is digital gold. At least, until you wake up tomorrow and find that 1) you forgot to save and 2) even if you did save, there’s no way it was anywhere near as brilliant as you thought – and why is your desktop background that freaking Ylvis fox guy?

You see, what you should have done is followed up that beer with a nice cold press. Apparently when alcohol hits your cerebral cortex — the part of your brain that regulates conscious thought and language — you become more creative, because your brain can’t focus on the things that normally occupy it. When you drink coffee on the other hand, the caffeine binds with your adenosine receptors and prevents you from getting drowsy, thereby making you feel more energized.

In short, beer helps you figure out what sh*t to get done, coffee helps you actually get sh*t done.

The infographic below by I Love Coffee JP breaks down the unique effects both beer and coffee have on your brain, and how best to use them to fit your particular needs. So the next time you’re facing down a creative project, yes, you could spend the night staring at a blank screen, wondering why you can’t think of any good ideas. Or you could go on a bender. Just don’t be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the forest trying to talk to a horse in morse.



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Science Says Eating Lunch at Your Desk Makes You Sad, Stressed, and Boring


We’ve all been victims of the dreaded desk lunch: a sad salad, wilted sandwich, or microwave meal eaten mindlessly while staring at a screen.  The lunch break is disappearing and we’re none too pleased about it, especially as a recent study has shown that going out to eat, preferably with a group, resulted in higher relaxation and potentially increased creativity and connection to others.  And yes, the opposite is true for when you take your “break” at your computer to drool over clothes on Pinterest that you’ll never buy.


The German study, published in PLOS ONE, explores the consequences of meal contexts on emotional and cognitive well-being. The 32 subjects were split into two groups, one, which ate alone, and one which ate a leisurely meal in a restaurant with others. After the meals, the researchers tested the subjects for semantic memory and their ability to process emotions in others.  Subjects also filled out questionnaires ranking their mood. The researchers found that more positive moods were reported by the subjects in the social lunch condition.  They also had less cognitive control, which is linked to better perceptual processing, recognition of emotions in others, and creativity.

Don’t end up like  the 65 % of poor saps who eat lunch alone at their desks or don’t eat at all.  When you’re trying to convince your boss that you need a lunch break, tell them it’s been shown that having extra relaxation time can boost your productivity. People with established and socially engaging lunch breaks are clearly getting the better end of the deal.


Need some inspiration? Check out Not Sad Desk Lunch for some ideas of what to make when you do finally take that hour.

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Best Valentine’s Gift EVER: Boyfriend Transforms Ice Dispenser into Candy Dispenser


Like many already great things (yogurt, grapes, Thin Mint cookies), candy, especially chocolate candy, is even better frozen. But it can be difficult to know just when you’ll want to nom on some frozen Hershey’s kisses. What if it’s, like, midnight and you want some frozen chocolate right now, because your Valentine’s Day was demoralizing, and dammit, candy is great?

Luckily, one boyfriend has the answer. Even more luckily, if you don’t have a boyfriend, he made this great video (and step-by-step instructions) to show how he did it. So, here’s lookin’ at you, single ladies (and gentlemen). If you liked it, then you shoulda finagled an ice dispenser to give frozen candy in place of ice.

Catchy, no?

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Our Favorite Classic Food Pairings Tie the Knot – Literally


Unlike these “lover’s chips“, there’s something slap-you-in-the-face obvious about root beer and ice cream, milk and brownies, pretzels and beer going together. Also unlike those chips, these foods have been literally tied together and photographed by Kyle Dreier. He calls himself a food photographer, but thanks to this series, we know the truth:

Dreier is setting his sights on wedding photography. PB&J, he’s coming for you. Save the date.

1 2 3


4 6

Peep more at Design Taxi

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Star Trek Pancakes, So You Can Wake Up to Spock Drizzled in Syrup

Or a panKirk. Or a… panKov. Or… an… Uhura… flapjack. You get the point. These are pancakes. And they look like the original Star Trek characters. No Piccakes (… panCards? Other pancake + Picard puns?) to be found here, but the rest of the cast, from McCoy, right on down to Sulu, salutes you in starchy, maple-syruped form. Trekkies have illustrator/pancake artist Nathan Shields to thank for this.

Yes, that’s right. A pancake artist. What, did you not know that was a thing? You’re welcome.

via Neatorama/photo courtesy Saipancakes