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‘Sriracha Chicken Melt’ is Being Tested at Select Subways for a Limited Time

When yesterday’s news broke about certain Subway locations testing a Creamy Sriracha Sauce, we knew they had to have particular sandwich offering in mind when the sauce was put together, and it looks like that sandwich might be the new Sriracha Chicken Melt.

The sandwich, seen above in an advertisement stumbled upon by our friends over at GrubGrade, shows an advertisement for the sandwich currently in rotation at Central Florida Area restaurants. The melt features the chain’s grilled chicken, Monterey cheese and what they describe as “bold new creamy Thai Sriracha sauce with spice chile and a hint of garlic.

No word yet on more nationwide, or global expansion of the Sriracha Chicken Melt, but even for locations in southern California that might be carrying just the sauce, you technically have all the necessary components at your give location to customize the sandwich yourself.

If anyone out there spots the sandwich at their local Subway, or gives it a try and would like to share their experience with us, feel free to e-mail us at or sound off in the comments.

H/T: GrubGrade

Fast Food

SPOTTED: Subway Testing New ‘Creamy Sriracha Sauce’?

EDIT 01/04/2012: ‘Sriracha Chicken Melt’ is being tested at select subways for a limited time

This past weekend, the Foodbeast crew stumbled upon the mysterious new “Creamy Sriracha Sauce” sighted at a few Subway locations here in  Santa Ana, CA. No official word from Subway yet on if this is a permanent addition available at every Subway, or if they are testing it in select locations only.

Of course, we couldn’t help but order a few sandwiches ourselves to try out the new flavor. It’s SRIRACHA sauce for goodness sake. I ordered a Turkey & Bacon Avocado with Spinach, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, mustard and the “Creamy Sriracha Sauce.” The latter took on a more subdued color from the original’s bright red, it had a mayo-like consistency and was less sweet and much more spicy. The mayo-ish Sriracha blended exquisitely with the mustard, adding a delightful kick to my so-so Subway sandwich.

Feast your eyes on below:

It’s dirty, I know. Which is why you love it. It’s about time Subway stepped up their game, hopefully joints like Taco Bell, Popeye’s and — dare I say it? — Starbucks follow suit soon. Sriracha spiked Frappucinos? Darling, don’t front, you know you’d try it in a heartbeat.