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This Ice Cream is Made with the ‘Fourth Kind’ of Chocolate


Cold vapor filled the supersized metal bowl, spilled out onto the counter, and crawled under the glass panel between me and said bowl. Here at Creamistry, in Irvine, CA, the ice cream is made to order using ultra cold liquid nitrogen that insta-freeze’s the contents of each ice cream. I’m waiting to try their newest flavor, ruby cacao, the “fourth type” of chocolate.

Chocolate ice cream isn’t usually my thing but, hey, this one is pink. So I had to try it, right?

The ice cream’s initial flavor isn’t chocolate. Mildly sweet, almost floral at first, the initial lusciousness is more reminiscent of berries. Eventually it gives way, leaving a slight acerbity to remind you that you’re still eating chocolate. 

Creamistry’s special flavor comes served as is or in a sundae that’s loaded to the brim with fresh strawberries and blueberries, whipped cream, and chocolate chips. While relatively simple, in terms of Creamistry’s creation (we’re talking about a place that makes an Elvis Presley sundae with banana ice cream, peanut butter, and candied bacon), the fresh fruit and the whipped cream work together to accentuate the fruitiness of the ice cream.

Ruby cacao sent the chocolate industry into a frenzy in 2017 when the manufacturer Barry Callebaut announced that it had discovered a fourth kind of chocolate, one that was a milky pink color.

The exact making of the treat is a secret, but it’s theorized that the chocolate is made using unfermented cacao beans. The fermentation is where the cacao beans get their usual brown color before being made into chocolate. Instead, the beans are instead acidified before they’re made into chocolate, causing them to retain their original red color profile.

The different production process leaves ruby cacao’s taste somewhere in between white and milk chocolate.

For ice cream this works perfectly. The flavor isn’t overwhelmingly sweet, but it’s enough to fix anyone’s sweet tooth.

This flavor is only available for the summer, though. And who knows when ruby cacao will become publicly available en masse, so you’ll want to scoop up a sundae soon if you want to try the fabled fourth chocolate.


Creamistry’s Choco Pie Freakshake Is Your Dessert Dreams Come True

Freakshakes and Choco Pies captured headlines all over the world last year, and it’s easy to see why. Creamy milkshakes that are topped with decadent desserts and handheld cakes with marshmallow filling and chocolate don’t sound too shabby to us.

Now that it’s 2018, it looks like the two champs are continuing their trendy reign this year with Creamistry’s Choco Pie Infused Nitroshake.

Creamistry, one of Orange County’s hottest ice cream shops, is best known for their Instagrammable liquid nitrogen ice creams. Now, they’ve found a way to create an exclusive Freakshake that will only be available at Foodbeast’s upcoming NOODS NOODS NOODS Asian food festival.

The delectable drink is made up of their liquid nitrogen chocolate milkshake and decorated with gooey chocolate all around the rim with mini marshmallows, a huge helping of whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, and a WHOLE CHOCO PIE.

Enough said.

Join us while we double fist with these monstrosities at the NOODS NOODS NOODS presented by Cup Noodles event in Santa Ana, CA on Saturday, January 27, 2018.

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Creamistry Just Unveiled A Ricotta Ice Cream Stuffed Cannoli Exclusively For OOZEFEST

It’s no secret that the liquid nitrogen ice cream craze has become a favorite among foodies, thanks to its entertaining visual aspect that incorporates frozen gases, futuristic machinery, and undeniable deliciousness.

Now, handcrafted liquid nitrogen ice cream maker, Creamistry, is bringing a brand new, ricotta cheese-infused, liquid nitrogen pastry to the cheese-crazed masses at OOZEFEST 3 — FOODBEAST’s third annual ALL YOU CAN EAT / ALL YOU CAN DRINK cheese festival, Saturday Oct. 14 at the MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, Calif.

Creamistry’s ricotta ice cream stuffed cannoli, starts with an exclusive hand-made liquid nitrogen ricotta ice cream blend, a crispy cannoli shell and drizzled with a guava icing and powdered sugar for a sweet, crispy treat that’s only going to be available at OOZEFEST.

This beautiful, cheese-stuffed pastry is just one of the many items generating massive hype around this year’s OOZEFEST. So, if you’re a cheese fanatic or an ice cream lover, this exclusive cheesy delicacy is the perfect treat.

For more information on FOODBEAST’s third annual cheese festival or to purchase tickets, please visit