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Foie Gras Ice Cream Will Give You the Most Expensive Brain Freeze of Your Life


You may know that Sam Mason, former wd~50 pastry chef and founder of Empire Mayonnaise is a sucker for crazy flavor combos.  After all, his newest ice cream shop, OddFellows Ice Cream Co. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, quickly made itself known for maple-bacon pecan and chorizo cornbread ice creams.

OddFellows has become delightfully weirder since opening. But apparently strawberry tomato, burnt marshmallow, and manchego pineapple just wasn’t haute-couture enough for the elite ice cream consumer.  And so, the foie gras, cocoa, and peanut butter flavor was born, announced in high style on OddFellows’ twitter page.

The decadent desert is only available for purchase in-house and in a single scoop, making this one exclusive treat.  Because nothing says fancy like duck liver on your slow-churned, small-batch, locally sourced ice cream.

H/T GrubStreet + PicThx Odd Fellows


This Hiroshima Costco Charges A Ridiculous $32 for Parking


Good news! Apparently, I’m not the only person on planet Earth to sometimes go to Costco to just hang out. The free samples, the office chair races, the mounds of 88-to-a-pack of derelict baby toys. It’s dinner and a night out all in one, and now the residents of Hiroshima can enjoy my personal Wonderland . . . as long as they spend $32 (3,000 yen) to park.

Yes, $32 just to park. That’s less than two days of parking at Disneyland, and they don’t even offer tram rides to the cashier!  But, wait. Costco knows their parking fee is a little cray, so they offer a deal: Make a purchase of $53.50 (5,000 yen) or great, and you get an hour of free parking. Make a purchase of $107 (10,000 yen) or greater, and get two hours of “free” parking. In other words, it’s a race. Hiroshima shoppers need to plan their routes before parking. Dad grabs the twelve-pack of tires, Mom hustles for the two-for-one stove deal, and the little’uns fill their tiny hands with all the child-size jars of mustard they can handle. They better hope they find everything and it costs more than 4,999 yen, otherwise the 3,000 they spent outside just went to waste.

Apparently, the astronomical fee is a protective measure: Officials predict mad traffic at the popular warehouse/store, and the three-level parking structure can only accomodate 1,050 cars. Only. It’s also across the street from a large baseball stadium, so Costco doesn’t want anyone crowding their lot just to while away their day while watching the game.

If that 3,000 yen is a bit much for you, though, Costco offers parking meters, too: Just 100 yen ($1.07) for 10-20 minutes.

Yeah. Right. Good luck with that. Because Costco isn’t literally a giant warehouse maze that requires wheel dollies in place of shopping carts.

H/T Rocket News 24 + PicThx Parent Collective

Humor News Video

Man Has Complete Meltdown at Subway Restaurant [Video]

Within 5 minutes, we get to see some shaky, vertical phone footage of a guy who jumps the counter at a Subway, rips out a phone, accidentally strikes a friend, throws a $100 challenge to anyone else in the restaurant to take a swing and then ends his rampage with a good taze-gun blast by local law enforcement.This video was uploaded a few days ago on November 1, 2010. To haphazardly quote one of my favorite comedians of all time, Mr. David Chapelle, “It turns out the cops kept it ‘realer’“.


Komforte Chockolates

Crazy chocolate flavors? I must say, especially the Ramen Noodle and Tortilla Lime & Salt. I’m pretty sure guys could handle the French Toast, considering most men have taste bud strengthened by beer and bacon. But these chocolates do not seem like a womens best comfort food. (Thx CM)


A House Made of Meat

A house and lawn made completely of edibles. We’re looking at 20 sausages, 12 pieces of bacon, 1 kg of meat, 2/3 a packet of bread crumbs and a good amount of food coloring for touch up. Architects, eat your heart out! (Thx EasyJo)