This Adult Coloring Book Features Your Favorite Chefs And Food Icons


Back in kindergarten, coloring was our jam. We’d stay in the lines, we’d mix it up with different shades and we’d sharpened our crayons by whittling them with our teeth. We didn’t care, we were babies. Crayons tasted bomb.

Harkening back to our formative years, we were introduced to Small Thyme Cooks. The novelty coloring book features 52 pages of culinary activities that remind us of our youths while, at the same time, challenges us with games and puzzles that test our knowledge of the culinary world.


The book was created by Andre Hueston Mack. The owner and winemaker at Mouton Noir Wines. Mack worked for years in the culinary world and established a boutique graphic design firm.

Small Thyme Cooks is available for $15 through Amazon. The activity book features many culinary icons ranging from Charlie Trotter, Roy Choi, Graham Elliot, Homaro Cantu, Marc Vetri and Michael White.

Packaged Food

These Crayons Taste Nothing Like Crayons, Because They Are Actually String Cheese

The string-cheese aisle is going to get a serious influx of kids looking for things to draw with this Fall, as Kraft and Crayola have partnered for a limited-edition packaging that turns Kraft and Polly-O brand string-cheese pouches into colorful crayon boxes.

That’s right, there will be a package that looks and feels like a pack of Crayons, but you can legitimately feel good about your kids eating all the inner contents. The new product packaging will be available in stores east of Pittsburgh from July through October 2012, and even comes with $3 coupons for Crayola products.

The outer packaging is decorated to look like a Crayola crayon box, rocking the iconic yellow background, patterns of green diagonal lines at the bottom and a clear film window in the center of the package lets the colorful “crayons” show through. Each individual cheese stick also has the image of a crayon in one of six Crayola colors.

The only people sad about this collaboration: haters who actually love eating crayons…and colorblind people.

[Via Packaging World]


ERMAHGERD CRAYUMS — Ketchup and Mustard Bottles in Crayon Form

Unleash the inner artist in you on your favorite burger with these awesome Crayon-shaped ketchup and mustard bottles. Now with greater (eh, debatable) precision that just squeezing out of the bottles that they come in, these Crayums ketchup and mustard bottles will do more than your standard zig-zag of condiments.How much more? Maybe a criss-cross of thinner zig-zags? I don’t really know, actually. Well, whatever, at least they look cool.

The Crayums come in a set of two 8″ plastic, reusable bottles that can hold up to 8 ounces. Buy one today and fill them both with hot sauce to piss off your friends have fun again with your food!

[$10.84 @ Amazon]


Jelly Belly Crayons

All I needed as a kid was a box of crayons and a little bit of candy to keep me going, and I could color for hours. These Jelly Belly Crayons have got it all: bright colors, delicious jelly beans, and a real crayon tip that you can actually use to color.  You can continue to refill the adorable crayon-shaped container long after the initial beans have been devoured.  The crayons are six inches tall, and come filled with one of your favorite Jelly Belly flavors.  Choose from Berry Blue, Cotton Candy, Green Apple, Sour Orange, and Very Cherry.  ($2.95 each @ Neatoshop)


Edible Crayons

Crayons that are edible and completely operational. Imagine a brown colored crayon, made from almonds, black sesami, wild sesame. A green crayon made of peas, green beans, dried kiwi, green fruity pebbles and dried pumpkin seeds. Every color you see was made from some mixture of nuts, seeds, dried veggies, fruits and other healthy options. The artist/scientist (rightfully so) behind this batch of edible crayons notes that his purple and blue colors are the least healthy of the bunch, containing the most amount of candy and sugar. The purple utilizes freeze dried blueberries while the blue used dried blueberries. Only when needed, it’s suggested to add a bit of food coloring for an obvious color boost. Eat/Draw on Foodbeasts! (Thx Luxirare)