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Giant 22-Pound Crawfish Platter Will Satisfy Any Seafood Lover’s Dreams

Crawfish boils and other similar seafood indulgence have been popular now for quite sometime, as evidenced by the long lines found at The Boiling Crab and other restaurants akin to it, as well as at seafood boils and gatherings throughout many parts of the U.S. And it’s no wonder, since the traditional fiery and tasty spices typically served with them help heighten the appeal of the crawfish.

Now imagine that experience amped up in the form of a giant crawfish platter that clocks in at around 22 pounds. The thought alone would get any appetite revving to go and hoping others would join in on the fun.

Well in Suzhou, China, that thought is one delicious reality. At a restaurant translated as “Just This Shrimp,” they’re serving up this behemoth serving of crawfish. Splashed with some local beer and served in flavors like garlic, garlic herb with sesame, and spicy chili, the crawfish platter is a worthy mouthful that’s 22 pounds of seafood bliss.

The fact that all of the crawfish are fresh and used from live ones made to order should enhance the experience of the massive meal even more. Given that, the extended length of a 20-plus minute wait for the crawfish platter is understandable and in the end, truly worth it.