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Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken Breasts


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Mac-n-Cheese Burritos


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Fried Cadbury Eggs Should Be On Your Easter Menu


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Crispy Fried Bacon Macaroni & Cheese Bites

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Mexico Surpasses United States in Obesity: Approves Junk Food Tax


Bad news for our friends south of the border. Mexico’s lower house of Congress is following in the steps of New York Mayor Bloomberg by recently approving new taxes on junk food in an effort to reduce their consumption. The increased costs on higher calorie and sugary snacks were part of a larger bill that included additional fiscal changes and are likely to get passed into law.

With one of the world’s highest obesity rates, Mexico is being met with support from health experts and opposition from small business owners. Mom and Pop shops rely on soft drink sales to stay open and will likely have to close their doors if their customers are deterred from indulging in their favorite treats.

According to the legislation high-calorie foods defined as “those providing 275 calories or more per 100 grams, at 5% of the ticketed price and chewing gum at 16%. Soft drinks would go up in price about 8 cents per liter.” Mexico recently bumped the United States into the #2 spot with 32.8% of adults considered obese vs. 31.8% in the US.

Approval of the tax package, including the junk food tax, would generate nearly $20 billion in revenue for Mexico’s national treasury.

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This BLT Does the Unthinkable, Swaps Bread for Juicy, Seared Scallop


Don’t get me wrong, I love bread.  I think bread is one of the greatest foods ever (besides bacon,of course).  When I was little, I would tell my parents that if I ever went to jail, and was given one thing to eat, I would be very happy if it was warm sourdough bread with salted butter.  Apparently I was both very morbid and optimistic.

But there’s nothing wrong with a little imagination, especially when it leads to a sandwich with scallops for bread.  You’ve got all the bacon-y goodness of a BLT, crisp lettuce and tomato, maybe some aioli, placed in a perfect bite between two thick juicy scallops.  Finally, it’s a delicious way to serve BLT’s as hors d’oeuvres, make use of fresh summer seafood, and even have some portion control.  As for me, I’ll be eating these with a side of warm sourdough bread and butter outside and absolutely not in jail.  You can find a link to the recipe at Bite-Sized, as well as some mouthwatering photos.

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Apparently, Foodbeasters Who Concoct Bizarre Food Combinations Are Also Binge Eaters

Beer and bacon deep fried Doritos, pizza ice cream, spam and peanut butter cookies – if you’re one of our regular readers, you know that we at Foodbeast are no strangers to the bizarre food combination scene. But did you also know that “concocting” such outlandish treats could be a telltale sign you’re a binge eater?

According to a study done by the University of Alabama Birmingham, an estimated 8 million people in the U.S. suffer from binge-eating disorders, and “people who concoct are more likely to binge eat than those who overeat without bingeing.”

Those who admitted to concocting reported “the same emotions as drug users during the act,” such as “excitement” and “anxiety,” as well as later feelings of “shame and disgust.”

41.2% of the “concocting participants,” moreover, explained the behavior was most often due to a “craving,” while only 9% reported hunger as a motive – all of which makes me wonder just how telling such a study could be after all. I mean, maybe we just have better food than everybody else.

To wit, here’s a list of some of our best/worst binge-iest food posts ever:

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