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Watch This Domino’s Driver Crash Trying To Mimic The Chain’s Epic Wheelie Ad

Not too long ago, Domino’s released an epic commercial showing one of their delivery men pop a wheelie on a motorcycle while delivering pizzas. The 30-second spot was intended to showcase Domino’s UK’s hot dog pizza crust, and concluded with the pizza driver performing this spectacular feat.


A real-life Domino’s delivery guy tried doing something similar yesterday while out delivering pizzas in South London. While the wheelie was an initial success, the driver may have gotten a little cocky and the end result was a hilarious crash in the streets. The stunt was caught on camera and posted to Twitter.

Domino’s is livid and is launching an investigation to find the driver and take appropriate action. A statement by the company regarding the incident says safety of its customers and colleagues is of paramount importance.

Seriously, delivery guy? Valuable pizzas may be ruined in such a reckless stunt.


The Terrifying Tale Of Danny, The Guy Who Ate Spaghetti While Driving


Yes, we’ve heard all the cautionary tales that come with eating and driving. There’s something about crushing a beautiful sandwich during a long commute that’s just so perfect. Unfortunately, it’s also incredibly dangerous.

Danny, AKA @tidy316, posted a photo on his Twitter page that serves as a hilarious and horrifying cautionary tale for those who enjoy eating and driving.

We see a totaled car sitting on the side of the road in one photo. In the next, we see the roof is splattered with a dark red spaghetti sauce as well as noodles.

It’s almost exactly the cereal situation in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Wonder who ending up having to pay? Still, it definitely makes us second guess our next stop through the drive-thru.


A Doughy Collision Blew The Roof Off This Domino’s Truck


A truck carrying dough headed for various Domino’s restaurants hit an overpass in Indianapolis. The accident caused the the top of the truck and trailer to come right off spilling dough onto the road, Consumerist reports.

While it was incredibly fortunate that no motorists were injured, including the truck driver, Domino’s faced some tragic pizza crust casualties. To think of the potential for all those delicious pizzas we’ll now never get to taste.

Turns out, the driver wasn’t familiar with the area he was driving through and had no idea about the overpass on his route.

It took more than two hours for the pizza dough to be completely cleared from the roads.

Check out the video of the clean up below.

Video + Photo: Associated Press


Wienermobile Crashes Into House


Being the skeptic that I am, I am still under the impression this is a stunt by Oscar Mayer brand in order to force us to remember that this vehicle even exists. Other reports lead us to believe otherwise. According to neighbors, the Wienermobile took a wrong turn, ended up on a dead-end street, and while trying to get turned around, the woman driving the giant wiener accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake, subsequently lodging the Wienermobile under a house. Luckily, no one was injured and the vehicle was taken away from the scene by tow truck. (Thx Fox6)