The First Thanksgiving And What They REALLY Ate

Hint: no cream of mushroom soup or marshmallow topping


Yankee has provided a brief rundown of the foods eaten at the first Thanksgiving, which was celebrated during the fall of 1621 at the Plymouth Colony in modern-day Massachusetts:

venison was a major ingredient, as well as fowl, but that likely included pheasants, geese, and duckTurkeys are a possibility, but were not a common food in that time. Pilgrims grew onions and herbsCranberries and currants would have been growing wild in the area, and watercress may have still been available if the hard frosts had held off, but there’s no record of them having been served. In fact, the meal was probably quite meat-heavy.


(via Smithsonian)

Likewise, walnuts, chestnuts, and beechnuts were abundant, as were sunchokes. Shellfish were common, so they probably played a part, as did beans, pumpkins, squashes, and corn (served in the form of bread or porridge), thanks to the Wampanoags.

The magazine also mentions a few items that were not eaten at the feast: “Potatoes (white or sweet), bread stuffing or pie (wheat flour was rare), sugar, Aunt Lena’s green bean casserole.”

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We’ll Have this Thanksgiving Sandwich Please, Hold the Moistmaker Jokes


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This California Restaurant Created a Turducken Burger and Pizza Poutine Fries

Burgers Turke

In celebration of Irvine Restaurant Week, Southern California chain Slater’s 50/50 is testing two new over-the-top items for their menu: The Turducken Burger and the Supreme Pizza Poutine Fries. Created by Slater’s innovative chef Brad Lyons, the two items are temporarily available for the event week of January 10-16.

The Turducken Burger is essentially an entire Thanksgiving meal condensed into a single burger.


The three main components that contribute to its namesake are turkey, duck and chicken. More specifically, a half turkey half chicken patty and a fried duck egg. How badly do you want that yolk to pop?


Naturally, the burger behemoth comes topped with bacon-infused country gravy with sweet cranberries. Think a sweet, salty hot mess all over your hands.

Sweet Potato

Check out that 50 percent chicken, 50 percent turkey patty stuffed with sweet potato fries.


PizzaFries 01

As an appetizer, the Supreme Pizza Poutine Fries offer fries smothered in a roasted red pepper coulis. Then they’re topped with melted mozzarella cheese, sautéed mushrooms, black olives, bell peppers and crispy fried pepperoni.


If the new items are a hit, the Turducken Burger and Supreme Pizza Poutine could find a home on Slater’s permanent menu. For the sake of all that is delicious, we’re crossing our fingers this happens.


Thanksgiving Pizza

Dear Thanksgiving…you are truly one of the best holidays, if not the best. New York-based Pizza by Certe’ just announced their equal appreciation for the holiday with the launch of a Thanksgiving Pizza. You’re reading right…a pizza topped with turkey meatballs, mashed potatoes & giblet gravy, butternut squash, cranberries and fresh Mozzarella.



Thanksgiving Ideas: Turkey Cranberry Cupcakes

Thanksgiving brings some crazy recipes out of the wood works, and today is no exception! We’re looking at cupcakes that have been baked directly inside slices of turkey, sans cupcake liners! The turkey slices are baked and have become hard and chewy, making a rather interesting shell for the cupcakes. The shells are then loaded up with cranberries and topped with maple buttercream frosting and dusted with maple sugar. The entire recipe is available over on The Cupcake Project blog!