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Watch This Devious Octopus Break Into A Fisherman’s Trap To Steal Crabs

The octopus is known to be one of the smartest creatures in the world, with an incredibly complex brain that can allow it to navigate through a maze.

One clever octopus showed off its full mental capacity when it outsmarted a crab fisherman to score a free meal.

The above video from BBC shows a Giant Pacific Octopus using its brain to get at some crabs that unwittingly wandered into a metal trap on the ocean floor. The octopus’ first attempt to get at the crabs didn’t go so well, as its attempt to smother the trap failed.

That didn’t deter the cephalopod, however, as it calculated a new method of approach and launched itself into the metal trap with the precision of a CIA strike team. It then easily caught and eliminated the crabs inside from the human food chain before making a daring escape as the trap was lifted back out of the water.

Anything that has enough brain power to pull off that feat definitely has me thinking twice about a potential career as a crab fisherman. No wonder the crustaceans are so expensive these days.