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McDonald’s Makes It Splash With New Crab Meat Sandwich


Photo: McDonald’s

Look out, Filet-O-Fish. There’s a new McDonald’s seafood sandwich in town.

McDonald’s USA began testing of a brand new CRAB MEAT SANDWICH in four McDonald’s restaurants across California’s South Bay Area.

Based on the McDonald’s website, the Crab Meat Sandwich consists of snow crab meat, seasoned clarified butter, celery, seasoned mayo, lettuce, and slices of tomato on a sourdough roll.

While Dungeness Crab is more local to the San Francisco/South Bay area, a McDonald’s rep told NBC Bay Area that complications with sourcing led to to the choice to use snow crab meat instead.

According to KETV, local chef Ryan Scott of the Finn Town Tavern in San Francisco teamed up with McDonald’s to develop this new sandwich, aiming to capture the local flavors of the Bay Area into a fast food sandwich.

The crab-stuffed sandwich is the latest McDonald’s regional release for the San Francisco area, following a successful launch of Garlic Fries in stores across the Bay Area last year.

The four stores that the Crab Meat Sandwich can be found in are as follows:

San Jose: 2191 Monterey Road

San Jose: 2699 Union Avenue

San Jose: 4838 San Felipe Avenue

Santa Clara: 3509 Homestead Road

While it’s not likely that the sandwich will be available nationwide, it might eventually make it to all 250 Bay Area McDonald’s locations if the sandwich is successful.

The Crab Meat Sandwich is also believed to be the first crab sandwich sold by a fast food chain in the United States. If it’s successful, we hope other chains could follow suit and make their own versions. Considering crab is a relatively popular seafood item across the United States, that definitely could be a possibility.

For now, we’re just hoping to get a taste of this groundbreaking sandwich.