Man Arrested for Breaking into Restaurant and Making Crab Cakes


When you really need to make crab cakes, you really need to make crab cakes. Even if it means breaking in somewhere to do so. Stephen Quinn, 40, broke into a restaurant Thursday in Rehoboth Beach, Del. The incident occurred early Thursday at Planet X Cafe around 1:30 a.m., reports DelmarvaNow.

After receiving reports of someone breaking the restaurant’s glass doors, officers arrived to discover Quinn cooking crab cakes and holding a bottle of wine, presumably stolen to pair with his meal. Quinn took off when he saw the officers, but was apprehended in the alley behind the restaurant. He faces charges of burglary, theft of under $1,500, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. He was sent to Sussex Correctional Institution after failing to post bail set at $2,000, and  will attend a preliminary hearing on Aug. 8.

Goddamn, now I want crab cakes. Where’s my crowbar?

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We Bet This Makes the Biggest Crab Cake EVER

huge crab

This photo was snapped as Chris Brown, Sea Life Senior Curator, attempted to move a Japanese Spider crab dubbed “Big Daddy” — due to it’s enormous nine-foot claw-span. While the leggy sea creature was settling in its new home at Blackpool’s Sea Life Centre, we couldn’t help but think: Gosh, that fella would make the largest, most delicious crab cakes in history.

I know, we’re awful people.

Luckily, Big Daddy lives in the UK and that’s nowhere near our growling tummies.

Photo Courtesy: Dave Thompson, H/T The Telegraph


The Seven Course Meal Kabob

Meals with multiple courses definitely allow you to partake in a true adventure of food’s passionate offerings, but our friend Nick brings up a valid point: Who wants to do the dishes after a 7-course meal?!

That’s where the idea of skewering every course in the meal, in kabob form, came to be. The kabob is 7-courses deep, beginning with a nice garden salad, the appetizers of stuffed mushrooms and crab cakes and then a baked potato with sour cream. Once the appetizers have been downed, the skewer leads us to the two main courses, Chicken Cordon Bleu and a porterhouse pork chop.

Of course, what’s a 7-course meal without a change of pallette scenery at the end, in the form of cheesecake slice? Ideas, ideas, ideas. Now you’ve enjoyed a thorough meal without the bitter aftertaste of washing a skyscraper worth of dishes in your sink afterwards!



Craving: Crab Cakes


Delicately fried patties of fleshy crab meat. Can the end of summer get any better? (PicThx FoodPornTwitter)