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Watch And Learn Gordon Ramsay’s Perfect Crab Cake Recipe

Gordon Ramsay is no stranger when it comes to delicious recipe videos. His take on a crab cake recipe, however, may be his simplest and tastiest recipe yet.

In an unaired clip of his show The F Word, Chef Ramsay walks us through his rendition of this seafood staple. Gordon also gives us some incredible tips on some side dishes he would pair with crab cakes. These include an incredible sauteed asparagus and the best creamed corn recipe to have touched a single can.

What’s interesting to note is that this is the second unaired The F Word clip to surface this past week. Gordon Ramsay also participated in a Chopped-style grocery store challenge that popped up on the internet. It seems like there was an episode or two that never launched, which is why these surprise clips are appearing.

Whatever the reason may be, we’re just glad to have a new Ramsay recipe video to drool over.

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss

Burger King Catches Crab Cakes With New South Korean Burgers

Burger King is shining the spotlight on a popular seafood item over in South Korea. The fast food burger chain added two new menu items that incorporate crab cakes into their latest sandwiches.

We’re all for any place you can get fast food crab cakes on demand.

Brand Eating reports that Burger King locations in South Korea are serving a new burger called the Tong Shrimp Crab Burger. The new item boasts a fried crab cake patty that’s topped with garlic shrimp, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and an Old Bay-flavored tartar sauce.

Accompanying this new item is the Red Crab Whopper, which boasts the same exact ingredients as a Whopper with the addition of a fried crab cake and the Old Bay tartar sauce.

The two items are only available for a limited time at participating Burger King locations in South Korea. Don’t expect to see them past the summer.

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Watch Gordon Ramsay Hilariously Fail At Coaching An Amateur Cook

If you’re an amateur cook, attempting recipes can be hard when you’re not entirely sure what to do. That’s why it’s great to have a recipe or instructional video to go at your own pace, learn the basics, and gain confidence in your cooking.

So if you’re learning a recipe on the fly from Gordon Ramsay while trying to keep up with him in the kitchen… it may not be the best thing for your confidence.

Bon Appetit, however, thought it would be a fun idea to give it a go. They brought in Shane, an amateur cook, to learn a crab cake recipe from Gordon Ramsay. The catch? Gordon would be making it while turned away from him, so Shane would have to learn verbally. He also only had 15 minutes to make the dish.

Shane got off to a slow start, struggling with breaking down the crab and extracting the meat (thank God he had some extra, pre-shelled crab off to the side). After that, Chef Ramsay then instructed him to cut up some bell peppers. That’s where everything went downhill.

“The secret of these peppers is to make sure it’s small dicing.” – Gordon Ramsay


Yea, Shane didn’t really get the idea of small dice on that one.

While trying to keep up with Chef Ramsay, Shane kept going through even more shortcuts that ended up costing him. The worst of those being that he didn’t mix the crab cakes thoroughly, so they didn’t set or form cakes in the pan, leaving him with a mess.

In the end, Gordon Ramsay served up a beautiful crab cake, while Shane served up a… crab salad?


Hey, at least Chef Ramsay liked the taste, Shane. Better luck next time.

#foodbeast Features

Ten Of The Largest Food Items From Around The World

We all enjoy seeing food the size of SUVs. And yes, there was a sigh of relief when I noticed that the US wasn’t the only one to set food records of massive proportions. This list takes local food challenges to the next level with these behemoth, hellacious works of art. We dare you to clean your plate.

Largest S’more

Largest s’more

Who: Deer Run Camping Resort

What: 121.11 Kilograms

Where: United States

You said gimme some more, and they delivered. At a mere 267 pounds, this campfire delight could probably feed all of the Girl Scouts across America. In Gardners, Pennsylvania 104 volunteers helped create this behemoth. Bask in all its glory.


Largest Hamburger Commercially Available

Most Expensive Food

Who: Juicy Foods

What: Weighs 777 pounds

Price: $5,000

Where: United States

But really? Hold the cheese? OK, but we are still very impressed. This enormous burger could make an appearance at your next Super Bowl party, just make sure to give the restaurant 48 hours notice.


Largest Serving of Lagman Soup

Largest Serving of Lagman Soup

Who: Kazakh Geographic Society

What: 687 Kilograms

Where: Kazakhstan

No soup Nazis here, just oodles of noodles. Following a traditional recipe by a team of 30 chefs, Kazakh Geographic Society celebrated their five year anniversary on national unity day with a huge helping of Lagman soup.


Largest Gluten-Free Pizza

Largest Gluten-Free Pizza

Who: Dovilio Nardi

What: 1261.65 Square Metre(s)

Where: Italy

Do you think you could eat this whole thing guilt free? Would you get a t-shirt? Prepared by Dovilio Nardi, Andrea Mannocchi, Marco Nardi, Matteo Nardi and Matteo Giannotte, this pizza has a bigger plan. This pizza was named Ottavia after the first Roman emperor Octavian Augustus. The purpose of this pie was to spread the message to the world about the importance of health conscious food choices … and this pizza party just got serious.


Largest Chocolate Truffle

Largest Chocolate Truffle

Who: Mirco Della Vecchia

What: 1,768 pounds

Where: Italy

The largest chocolate truffle weighed in at 1,768 pounds of pure gluttony. Dark chocolate, Amarena cherries, cream and a dream made this creation come to life. Now this is how you get chocolate wasted.


Largest Fruit Cobbler

largest fruit cobbler

Who: Hampton Inn of Ruston

What: 2,251 pounds

Where: United States

What does one do with 819 pounds of peaches, 454 pounds of sugar and 312 pounds of butter?  Make a colossal peach cobbler for the Annual Louisiana Peach Festival in Ruston, Louisiana.


Largest Fruit Salad

Largest Fruit Salad

Who: Spar Österreichische Warenhandels AG

What: 19,158 pounds

Where: Austria

If only it were deeper — so we could swim in it. The largest fruit salad weighed 19,158 pounds. A lot of fruits were in attendance.


Largest Tiramisu

Who: Latte Blanc, Uova Pascolo, Caffe Toto, Despar, Associazione Cons.erva

What: 3,015 Kilograms

Where: Italy

This is what an adult slip n’ slide should look like … made with Zabaione cream, coffee, mascarpone, cream, Sovoiardi biscuits, sugar, cocoa and whipped cream. Plan of action: face-first.


Largest Falafel

Largest Falafel

Who: Landmark Amman Hotel & Conference Center

What: 164.80 pounds

Where: Jordan

Opa! The largest falafel weighed in at 164.80 pounds and was prepared by ten chefs using the traditional recipe of chickpeas, parsley, and coriander with mixed spices. It took 25 minutes to deep fry this bad boy and was later served to 600 hotel guests. I only hope they had enough tzatziki for everyone.


Largest Crab Cake 

Largest Crab Cake

Who: Handy International Incorporated

What: 300 pounds

Where: United States

The largest crab cake weighed in at 300 pounds of fresh Maryland blue crab meat. I’d imagine that anyone allergic to shellfish were evacuated from the city leading up to the event. And that EpiPens were in everyone’s goodie bags.

Disclaimer: Records change on a daily basis. || Photo Credit: Guinness World Records


Now THIS is a Crab Cake.

Crab Cake

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