Old and Busted: Water Transformed Into Wine, New Hotness: Milk Transformed Into Vodka


Of course, James Bond is a fan of this stuff. Of course.

A UK farmer has perfected the art of transforming the milk from his herd of 250 cows into vodka. According to PSFK, the process involves separating the milk into curds, which are used to make cheese, and whey, which is used to make beer. The beer is then further blended and filtered to become the farmer’s own special brand, Black Cow Vodka.

The unique concoction has steadily grown in popularity throughout the UK with fans ranging from some of the country’s top chefs to actor Daniel Craig.

According to The Spirit Cellar, the vodka has a “rich and creamy texture” as well as “a sweetness that lingers on the palate, drowning out the alcohol and making this a vodka that is perfect over ice, or just heavily chilled or frozen.”

In other words, it’s pretty much a single-ingredient White Russian for only $44 per 700ml bottle.

Can you say “miracle”?

Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka: $44 @ domestic shipping only

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The Harlem Shake Hits McDonald’s, Madness Ensues [VIDEO]

Doing the Harlem Shake at McDonald's.

Some call the Harlem Shake the next Gangnam Style, some call it a rehash of the early 2000’s dance of the same name, but whatever it is, it’s getting a lot of attention on YouTube.

So as these videos keep popping up, of course a group of dudes made one of these videos at McDonald’s.

Coming from “That’s Classic,” a musical duo from Cincinnati, Ohio, the video starts off like a normal day at McDonald’s with customers enjoying their grub and your average crazy guy dancing in the middle of the dining room. Then the beat drops, a mannequin appears, a guy who looks like a reject Chick-fil-A cow and even a disturbing Larry the Cable Guy look-alike begin to wildly do the Harlem Shake.

This has to be one of the better Harlem Shake videos as everyone, from firefighters to the College Humor staff, has been getting into this phenomenon.

Although it isn’t Diddy and Bad Boy’s kind of Harlem Shake circa 2001, DJ/producer Baauer’s Harlem Shake has provoked just as much attention now as the dance did then.

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Steak Button Thermometer Set

Summer is coming up and everyone is getting ready to spend some time in the sun, maybe have a pool party and grill up some steaks. And of course you want to show off to your attractive lady friends by being able to man the grill with some authority and efficiency. If you’re not a pro at eyeballing a steak to get a specific level of doneness, do yourself a favor and take the guess work out of it  by getting the Steak Button Thermometer set by Sur La Table. You’ll know exactly when to pull that perfect medium-rare sirloin off the bar-bee! ($20 @ SurLaTable)

Hit-Or-Miss Humor

United Steaks of America

Better snatch these up before it’s too late. If you love meat, steak in particular and you also claim to be an art connoisseur then this is perfect for you. There is not much, food wise, that’s more American than steak. The United Steaks of America is a art series of 5-layer screen-prints on freezer paper, rendered in the shape of a US state. There are only 10 of each state being made, each one being 9″ x 16″ in size. $100 gets you all 50 states, and makes you the owner of one of the coolest art collections known to man. I should just buy a set, and then open a steak house based on that theme with the same name. Don’t take my idea. (Thx Etsy) (Source: Coolmaterial)


Craving: Red Wine Grilled Steak with Morel Mushrooms

I haven’t had a good steak in a long time, so this one would definitely do the job. An absolutely gorgeous cut of meat topped off with a red wine demi-glace set with morel mushrooms and all paired with incredibly looking buttery, sautéed spinach. This is definitely a meal fit for a king. Or Lebron James. Either way. (Thx FPD)


Recipe: Dr. Pepper Baby Back Ribs

Aw Memorial Day weekend, the unannounced official first real BBQ day of the year. Most of you are probably outside enjoying a cold one and cooking up some food, but sadly I’m sitting here posting this because well I should be. Regardless, here we have a awesome twist on one of my favorite foods; Baby Back Ribs. Only these are special because they are slathered in a sweet, tangy BBQ sauce made with Dr. Pepper. The sugary sauce balances the spicy and smokey ribs very nicely. If you make these, send me a picture so I can give you an E-highfive! (Thx SE)