New OpenTable App Lets You Pay Your Dinner Bill By Phone


OpenTable launched a new feature on its app yesterday that lets diners pay their bills through their phones. That means no more being held hostage and waiting around for the server to bring the check, and then being held hostage again as you wait for your card to be returned.

The app can currently be used at 45  New York City restaurants such as Lafayette and Le Cirque. Of course, since OpenTable is a reservation service, you must first make a reservation at a restaurant, after which the check can be paid through the app, without the server having to drop it off at the table. Bill splitting is not yet available but seems to be in the works, so we can finally avoid the dance with the cashier over who paid for what.

OpenTable rolled out the feature Monday after being tested in San Francisco last February, and are planning to expand to 20 different cities by the end of 2014. This is not the first app to attempt such a service. Cover is one similar app that is currently being used by 85 restaurants in the Bay Area and New York. According to Businessweek, however, the potential for growth for OpenTable is much higher, as it already has over 31,000 restaurants using its reservation service worldwide.

The service is free for customers, and also free for restaurants incorporating it.

All we know is, it’ll feel good walking out the door immediately after that last bite of dessert.

H/T Eater + PicThx Open Table


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