Costco Now Only Letting Two People Enter Their Warehouse Per Membership Card

Since COVID-19 hit us, many families have taken to warehouse clubs such as Costco to stock up on essentials while they wait out the next few months at home. With of how easily the disease can spread, however, massive lines at Costco are not the ideal situation — even if folks are practicing social distancing.

Because of this, Costco has now implemented a new policy that only two people will be allowed in the warehouse at a time with one membership card.

This means families will only be able to bring two members total to Costco stores. While said to only be a temporary change, this new rule will take place as long as the threat of COVID-19 looms. If you need a full squad to stock your household for the time being, you may have to apply for multiple Costco memberships to get around the new rules. Though maybe try your best to stick to two family members and stay home to be safe.

The new policy will go in effect tomorrow, April 3 at all locations nationwide. Plan accordingly, folks!