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Kevin Hart Shares The Surprising Spot That He Gets His Fried Chicken Fix At

Kevin Hart is a household name that universally is associated with his comedic prowess and movie blockbusters. But are you ready for Kevin Hart the MTN DEW spokesperson?

Yes, one of the hardest working men in showbiz has managed to squeeze in another gig on his extensive and impressive resume by becoming the new face of MTN DEW and their Kickstart line of beverages. As an addition to this brand new partnership, MTN DEW Kickstart has created a unique campaign where they’re giving fans a chance to sit courtside with Hart as his personal ‘CourtSidekick’.

Through March 19, fans can enter the #CourtSidekickContest by creating a social post showing Kevin Hart and MTN DEW KICKSTART why they’re the perfect CourtSidekick and tagging #CourtSidekickContest on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. The contest winner will be announced on April 5.

We recently caught up with the blockbuster actor during this past NBA All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles to learn what he’s looking for in a ‘CourtSidekick’ and in the process, found out just how cheap LeBron James is and what’s Hart’s favorite fried chicken.


Foodbeast: How did you and MTN DEW end up in this collaboration with each other?

Kevin Hart: First of all I’m a fan of theirs, and I found out they were a fan of mine, through mutual friends. We got in touch with one another, and they felt that I would be a great face to attach to the product, and I could be a potential partner to the brand. Together we wanted to do something amazing and have a good launch. We want to build off of it. It isn’t something we want to have coming and going, we want it to last and become a conversation piece, and the best person to put there is me.

FB: So you have this CourtSidekick campaign with MTN DEW Kickstart where you’re looking for the perfect sidekick to sit next to you courtside during the NBA playoffs. What are you looking for from fans to be your CourtSidekick?

KH: Well they got to understand what good courtside etiquette is. A lot of people sit courtside at a basketball game but don’t necessarily know the proper etiquette. There’s a lot of dos and don’ts, there’s a lot of good and bad. What I’m doing is filtering through to see who understands what the good and bad is. ‘Cause you can’t sit next to me if you’re going to be embarrassing, but you also can’t sit next to me if you’re not going to be a good time. So you gotta be a good time, but you can’t be embarrassing with it.

FBSo like, no selfies all the time?

KHHere’s the thing, I’m not saying no selfies but there’s a line, you don’t wanna take the selfie all the time, but you can take it some of the time.

FBHow about food?

KHYou can eat, but you can’t eat all the time. You can eat a little bit, but you can’t eat alotta bit. You don’t wanna be the guy with five different trips. What if a loose ball come over there? Then your clothes are finished, and my clothes, too! Now my courtside outfit is messed up because you kept eating. See there’s a lot of dos and dont’s.

FB: So what are you ordering courtside?

KH: What am I ordering? I’m a chicken finger, French fry guy — here’s why. French fries, easiest thing to eat courtside, because you’re gonna smash them, you’re so into the game they don’t stand a chance, they’re done. If something happened and you needed to get out of the way, chicken fingers won’t cause a major mess, ’cause you’re dipping them. Now if you’re dipping, 9 times out of 10 you got the sauce tucked off in the corner of that little tray, and if you gotta get away it’s an easy move. Now if you go burger, and you’re the guy with the cheesesteak, you get very sloppy. The bites, and cameras catching you with the bite with stuff coming out the back of the sandwich — that’s a bad meme, you don’t wanna be that meme.

FBYou mentioned cheesesteak. Being a guy from Philly, what’s the best place for one?

KHMax’s, Broad and Erie. I don’t care what anybody says, if you’re in Philadelphia, PA and you want a good cheesesteak, go to Max’s.

FB: Okay, so here at Foodbeast we play a food version of ‘Smash or Pass’. Food-wise what are you smashing on?

KHBuffalo Wings. You’re looking at the best entertainment food. They go with any environment. There’s never an environment where you’re like, “Yo man, I can’t eat these buffalo wings.”

FB: So what do you pass on?

KHI don’t eat seafood. So anything seafood I’m passing on. I don’t eat none of it.

FB: What if it’s fried up like a fish stick?

KH:  I’ll throw it out the car. Nothing.

FB: We’re here ready to get geared up for NBA All-Star Weekend, so I’m sure you’re going to meet up with some of your NBA friends. Say you and LeBron James go out to dinner, who’s offering to pick up the tab first?

KHBron cheap. Bron is cheap, man. Bron not even reaching for his wallet. He’s a cheap son of a gun, man. [laughs] He’s so cheap! He’s so frugal! Bron is going to ask to split it, unless he put the dinner together. If he put it together, he’ll pay for it. Other than that, it’s a conversation.

FB: What if you’re in his area and you call him up to get a bite to eat?

KHHe’s going to expect me to pay for it because I called him. Bron cheap, man [laughs].

FB: So speaking of going Dutch, if someone is on a date, would you be the type to split the bill?

KHWell, being that I don’t date, I’m married, I don’t even know what that means [laughs]. I think back in my time, I was never a split the bill guy even when I didn’t have the money. Even if it hurt me, and put me in the worst financial position after, I’d pay just so the female would have the feeling of “Aw that’s so sweet he took care of it,” not knowing that I’m not eating for three days after that meal.

FB: Before we close out here, do you have any words for all the Foodbeasts out there who are Kevin Hart fans?

KHI’m an avid, AVID lover — I may be in the top two biggest fried chicken lovers in the world. I am looking for what can be considered as the best fried chicken in the US.

FB: Howlin’ Rays.

KH: Where is that at?

FB: Chinatown [Los Angeles]. They got like lines that are always two to three hours long. [Shows Kevin Hart picture of Howlin’ Rays on Instagram].

KHI’m literally going to send my driver to go to Howlin’ Rays right now. Hold on bruh, that’s the sandwich?! If I’m not hellbent after this meal, you’re to blame [laughs]. Also, here’s what I want to tell you — and I don’t even know if people know this — Ralphs, the supermarket, has great fried chicken! I don’t think people give Ralphs enough credit! This is the only conversation I’ll have about food, it’s always going to be about fried chicken — shocker. This is a serious thing. Tell your people to go check out Ralphs.


Photos: Peter Pham / Foodbeast