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Applebee’s In Texas Will Take Gift Cards And Expired Coupons From ANY Business

Who: Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill + Bar

What: The restaurant chain will be accepting gift cards, gift certificates, and email or paper coupons from any business whether they’re expired or not in their Texas locations. Applebee’s will honor pretty much any coupon up to 50 percent off food purchases.

Last year, Applebee’s implemented the same deal, as a way to give back to the neighborhoods their stores are located in. Half off an entire dinner isn’t something to complain about at all — wonder if they still carry the AYCE riblets?

Where: All 65 locations of Applebee’s in Texas. This includes Austin, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, Central and East Texas.

When: The promotion will be around through the entire month of March.

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For One Month, Texas Applebee’s Will Accept Gift Cards And Expired Coupons From ANYWHERE

Applebee’s announced a new promotion that seriously makes us wonder if April Fools’ Day came way too early. The restaurant chain announced that they would be accepting any and all gift cards and coupons from competing businesses as payment from patrons at 67 of their locations in the state of Texas.

For the entire month of March, Applebee’s is taking gift cards, coupons (even expired ones), and gift certificates from pretty much any kind of business. So imagine, patrons could pay for their meal through a card from a competing restaurant chain or simply one from an arts and crafts store.

Applebee’s offer, however, is only for up to 50% off food purchases with said gift cards and coupons. Hey, they still have to make money somehow.

Essentially, Applebee’s created the promotion in hopes to be a better neighbor to the local communities. The restaurant noticed many patrons had expired coupons and gift cards to places they would never typically visit, so they offered to accept them as payment for food.

The deal will only be available for a limited time at 67 participating Applebee’s Texas locations in Dallas Forth Worth, Waco, East Texas, as well as other neighboring areas.

With any luck, states other than Texas will get the same sweet deal around this time next year. In the meantime, start saving those coupons!


Here’s How to Get McDonald’s Egg White McMuffin for $1

egg mcmuffin

While McDonald’s Egg White Delight McMuffin is really just ho-hum hype, stuff for less is always awesome.The new item comes in at 50 calories and 5 grams of fat less than the original Egg McMuffin. So, if you’re attempting to be slightly healthier, save yourself the extra $1.69 (it’s usually $2.69) and swoop up one here for a dollar.

Simply enter your name and click “print” for your coupon. Only a set number of coupons are available daily, so if you don’t get one today you can just check back tomorrow. If you really must.

PicThx McDonald’s 


How to Eat For Free On Tax Day, April 15th


We all dreaded April 15th the way we dread taking out the trash, cleaning up our room and Christmas shopping. We all waited until the last minute to make our way to the tax man because the mere thought of sorting through our taxes made us dizzy. So here are a few Tax  Day freebies to sooth that headache and for those of you still rushing to your nearest H&R Block — good luck and grab some free nomz once your done.



2 Free Cinnabon Bites




Free Arby’s Curly Fries or Potato Cakes




Free Birthday Cake Cookie from Great American Cookies




Chick-fil-A’s Full Refund on Any Purchase in May, on April 15th




AMC’s Free Small Popcorn 




Free Samurai Surf & Turf at Panda Express (*April 17th)





Free Schlotsky’s Original Sandwich with the purchase of a 32oz drink and chips



H/T + PicThx Chachingonashoestring


8 St. Patrick’s Day Specials That Will Have You Peeing Green Food Coloring


Everyone knows that the best way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in true Irish fashion is to get a bunch of seasonal food without paying full price for it . . . right? With that in mind, enjoy eating your way through this list of limited edition and/or discounted St. Patrick’s Day specials. It’s what St. Paddy would’ve wanted.


15% off all green candy from Jelly Belly

PicThnx Jelly Belly


McDonald’s Limited-Time Only Shamrock Shake

PicThnx McDonald’s


Arby’s Buy One Get One Free Reuben Sandwich

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 11.11.06 AM
PicThnx Arby’s


Coco’s Limited-Time Only Creamed Cabbage and Corned Beef Menu

PicThnx Coco’s


Fifty Cents Off Lucky Charms Limited Edition Clover Cereal

PicThnx The Shelby Report


Sprinkles Limited-Edition Green Shamrock Cupcakes

PicThnx Sprinkles


Quizno’s St. Patrick’s Day Coupon



And just because it’s awesome: Denny’s doesn’t care about St. Patrick’s Day but is giving away FREE BACON

PicThnx Denny’s


There you have it, folks. Everything you need to enjoy your cheap, limited-edition St. Patrick’s Day foods until you’re peeing green food coloring (and covered in bacon). Sounds like a perfect holiday.

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Carl's Jr. Coupon – One Dollar Off Steak Sandwiches

Earlier this morning we announced the new Charbroiled Steak Sandwich from Carl’s Jr., and now if you want to go out and make sure you get your eat on without breaking the bank, Carl’s Jr. is making sure this happens. Head on over to this page to get the proper coupon! Eat on!


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