‘Other Half’ Wine Glass Forces Couples to Lush Out Together in Perfect Unison


Picture this: you’ve done it. You’ve finally found “the one,” the single most important person in existence, the only guy or gal who doesn’t look at you like a crazy person whenever you feel like pulling out a nice glass of rosé to drink with your Panda Express fried rice and orange chicken.

Naturally, you want to spend every waking moment with the person, sharing all of life’s simple pleasures with them, including gazing into each others’ eyes and trying not to spill as you simultaneously drink out of a single two-bowl wine glass. What, just me?


Created by British product designer Jim Rokos, the “Other Half” wine glass set forces couples to keep pace while drinking, lest the unprepared party end up with a shirtful of red wine stains. The Huffington Post suggests it could be just the ticket to keeping all your lush friends in check, but I see it as more of a way to motivate my boyfriend to get on my level.

Cheers, you crazy kids!

The “Other Half Wine Glass” – $480 @The Fancy

H/T + PicThx HuffPo


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