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Domino’s Pizza Security Cam Catches Horny Couple Doing The Nasty [NSFW, Seriously]

Photo: Griolin on Wikimedia Commons

A couple faces jail time after going just a little too far inside of a UK Domino’s Pizza restaurant.

The pair, Craig Smith and Daniella Hirst, were captured performing lewd acts on CCTV in February. A staffer at the establishment later posted the video of their behavior online, where it quickly went viral.

While the video was illegally posted online, magistrates did rule it admissible for evidence. The video shows Hirst and Smith ordering food, followed by a series of very raunchy events. These include the imitation of sex with a traffic cone, fellatio, and actual sex against the counter while employees prepared food in the background.

A solicitor for Hirst admitted to the court that the pair had been drinking before entering the Domino’s, but claimed that the actions were not “brazen.” Hirst told The Sun that she and Smith got to talking about the public places they would risk having a bit of fun in, and decided to see if they could top it.

You can view a video containing some of the footage below, if you wish. Be warned, however, as it’s definitely not suitable to watch inside of the workplace.

Hirst pled guilty to charges of outraging public decency. While Smith wasn’t in court, having been jailed for an unrelated manner, he was also found guilty of the same charges. The pair are set to be sentenced October 17th.

Overall, the entire sequence of events can be summed up in this quote from Hirst:

“We got a bit frisky and one thing led to another. Domino’s is definitely now our number one – going to be hard to top it.”