‘BeerQuil’ Still Sounds Better than Cough Syrup – Study Suggests Beer Could Be a Decent Cold Medicine

It’s a myth many a drinking age invalid has heard over the course of their illustrious drinking careers. “Of course you can still drink when you’re sick, alcohol kills the bacteria!”

Well, it turns out our lushy buddies might actually be onto something.


Cough Syrup Ice Cream

How many times have you heard your friends or yourself cringe after the first bite of something yelling, “This taste like cough syrup”. Well, this time it is really made with cough syrup. This Cough Syrup Ice Cream is made with cherry flavored cough syrup alongside all the main ingredients in ice cream like eggs, heavy cream and sugar. This might revolutionize the medicine industry to help children take their “yucky” cough medicine! If you want the real low down on how to make this cough-syrup-infused dessert, make to sure to check out the recipe on the UnWholesomeFoods blog!