Behold: Pizza & Spaghetti Slushies at the Same Damn Time


Today I learned that pizzaghetti is a real thing. Yes, in Quebec,  pizza and spaghetti, or “pizzaghetti” is a popular combo meal offered at many restaurants. Like getting fries with your burger, except better and cheesier.

Given the fact that pizza + more cheese and carbs is always a good idea (see “ravioli pizza” for further explanation) convenience store chain Couche-Tard created a pizzaghetti-themed sloche. Although, before you start heading to Canada to get your hands on this frozen curiosity, just know that the actual flavors are disappointingly average.

Reddit comments on another pizzaghetti spotted up North claim that the “pizza” flavor tastes like strawberry and the “ghetti” flavor  tastes like kiwi. What a tease.


Oh, and check out this creepy commercial of pizza and spaghetti getting it on. I mean, if that’s your thing. Enjoy!

H/T + PicThx Huffpo