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Talk like a Pirate and Get Free Donuts at Krispy Kreme


Are you the kind of person that has a pirate inside of you, just waiting to get out? Do you love doughnuts with the unmerciful passion of the the sea herself? Do you own an eye-patch? If you are even one of these things, Krispy Kreme’s annual Talk Like a Pirate Day is right up your alley.

On Sept. 19, walk into your local Krispy Kreme talking like a pirate and get yourself a free Original Glazed Doughnut. Better yet, if you show up dressed as a pirate, you’ll get a free dozen doughnuts. Talk about treasure. All you need is one of the three items on to qualify for your dozen: Pirate Hat, Bandana, Eye-Patch, Costume Hook, Pirate Shirt, Peg-Leg, Parrot and Knickers.

Get creative and get your doughnuts on Sept. 19. before they run out.

And of course, it wouldn’t be Talk Like a Pirate Day without mentioning everyone’s favorite pirate.


Gar, Steve.

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5 Reasons Being a Turkey for Halloween May Be More Terrifying Than You Realize

1. [Clumsy Cook Turkey Mask]: You could be wandering the kitchen one day just minding your own business when a freak accident finds you up the butt of one tragically raw birdie. You try to call for help but no one can understand your muffled cries. In your anger and anguish you blindly reach for a knife, cut out two eye holes and start chopping everyone nearby to pieces, taking revenge for the spirit of the turkey who now owns your soul.

2. [Gobbler the Turkey Adult]: In a bizarre turn of events, however, even after you’ve killed everybody, you could somehow wind up meeting the sole super-powered crime-fighting chef with enough strength to defeat you. He tosses you in the oven and single-handedly creates enough meat to feed a whole country.

3. [“Gourmet” Turkey Costume]: But your nightmare’s not over yet. No, while eating you, the five people you left living on earth discover you were holding a baby turkey inside! (Yes I know turkeys lay eggs, but come on – this is a story about a giant possessed serial killer turkey mask. Work with me.) Desperate and hungry, they extract the baby turkey and decide to make a “gourmet” turkey dinner with your child.

4. [Pilgrim Turkey Deluxe]: And then they decide to find your head, dress it in a pilgrim’s costume and take photos with it.

5. [Roast Turkey Baby]: But not before finishing the rest of you, getting hungry again and finally deciding to turn on their own children and dressing them up in turkey costumes to continue the tradition. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed.


This Year, ANY Halloween Costume Gets You A $2 Chipotle Boorito

Don’t get me wrong, I would wrap myself in tin foil if it meant a $2.00 Chipotle Boorito, but there’s no need to go to extreme measures this year. Abandoning the past approaches of “Dress up like a Burrito” and “Dress up like Farm Equipment,” this year anyone in a Halloween costume who visits a Chipotle between 4pm and closing time on October 31st  receives a $2.00 burrito, bowl, salad, or order of tacos. Up to $1,000,000 of the proceeds will go to The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, their non-profit organization dedicated to sustainability and providing awareness about food-related issues.

But if that wasn’t enough, you can also take a picture of yourself in costume inside (or in front of) a Chipotle and post it to their Facebook contest site to compete for a grand prize of $2,500. 5 runner-ups will receive prizes of $1,000 and 20 other winners will get a voucher for a burrito party of ten at a Chipotle of their choice.

Hold the Snickers, I know where I’ll be trick-or-treating.

Hit-Or-Miss Humor

In-N-Out Skinned Cubicle

Someone must really love their job. Or must really love In-N-Out burger. Or must really love both of them. We’re looking at a cubicle that has been outfitted as an In-N-Out burger. Inspiring, to say the least! (PicThx BuzzFeed/omgheyjulene)