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Make Pho In Under 3 Minutes With These Game-Changing Instant Noodle Bowls

Instant noodles aren’t normally seen as a delicacy, but be prepared to have that notion flipped. Malleable yet texturally distinctive, they can be found in most pantries, regardless of cultural background. But sometimes the average batch of instant noodles doesn’t quite satisfy the craving for that big bowl of pho, ramen, or whatever noodle soup floats your boat. It’s this spot that Snapdragon Foods aims to hit. 

Snapdragon’s noodles, highlighted in our newest News Bites video, look to provide an authentic experience with some of the world’s favorite noodle soup dishes, but in an accessible, take home package.

That means that their Vietnamese beef pho bowls come with real rice noodles and authentic spices. My personal favorite, the Singapore-style Laksa Curry Bowls, includes not only rice noodles and a spice mixture, but also coconut powder and chili oil that give the dish far more depth than what’s expected from a bowl of instant noodles.

Their other soup flavors include Veggie, Mushroom, and Garlic. Some are in bowl, some are in packets, and all are delicious and can be found on their website. Oh, and don’t forget the newly launched ramens, either.

All of their products are inspired by the streets and kitchens of Asia. They take special pride in their noodle quality, already giving the brand a step up on many instant noodle makers. Their noodles are made in Vietnam, and whether made for pho or ramen, have a delicateness to them, yet also hold a chewy bounce and remain highly slurpable. 

Snapdragon’s noodle soups can be found at retailers across the country, although the deepest and most consistent stock of all noodle flavors is housed on the brand’s website. While you’re there, use the code BEAST15 for 15% off your purchase! 

Make sure to peep Snapdragon’s Instagram for noodle inspo once you get a pack in hand, then top them with your favorite toppings, and tag us and Snapdragon to show us your creations.

Created in partnership with Snapdragon Foods.


Costco Now REQUIRES You To Wear A Mask Before Entering Their Warehouse

As more and more people flock to Costco to stock up  during this period of self isolation, the national warehouse club has been having to update their policies pretty frequently to ensure the safety of all its members and guests. The latest in these policies is a new requirement that everyone looking to enter their warehouse will be required to wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Effective May 4, the company announced that all Costco members and guests will have to wear a mask or face covering that covers the mouth and nose at all times while inside their warehouses.

The only exceptions will be children under the age of two or individuals who can’t wear a face covering because of an existing medical condition.

Costco also stresses that this policy is definitely not a substitute for social distancing (which should always be practiced throughout this pandemic). Looks like if you’re planning to go to Costco next week, you better have a mask ready. Otherwise you’ll be waiting in that long line for nothing.


Costco Gives Health Workers And First Responders Front Of Line Priority

With health workers experiencing the horrors of COVID-19 first hand, many business have taken to supporting these brave individuals in however way they can. This includes advancing to the front of the long lines to enter Costco Warehouses.

Costco is now granting priority access to healthcare workers and first responders during the days of this pandemic. This extends to police officers, EMTs, and firefighters. All these guests will need to do is present a Costco membership card and an official form of identification that clearly states their role and they will automatically be allowed to jump in front of any line in order to enter the warehouse.

With healthcare workers and first responders pulling double, sometimes triple duties during this pandemic, skipping the line is the least we can all offer them.

At the time of publication, the earlier hours for seniors and two persons per membership card being allowed into the warehouse is still in effect as well.


Costco Now Only Letting Two People Enter Their Warehouse Per Membership Card

Since COVID-19 hit us, many families have taken to warehouse clubs such as Costco to stock up on essentials while they wait out the next few months at home. With of how easily the disease can spread, however, massive lines at Costco are not the ideal situation — even if folks are practicing social distancing.

Because of this, Costco has now implemented a new policy that only two people will be allowed in the warehouse at a time with one membership card.

This means families will only be able to bring two members total to Costco stores. While said to only be a temporary change, this new rule will take place as long as the threat of COVID-19 looms. If you need a full squad to stock your household for the time being, you may have to apply for multiple Costco memberships to get around the new rules. Though maybe try your best to stick to two family members and stay home to be safe.

The new policy will go in effect tomorrow, April 3 at all locations nationwide. Plan accordingly, folks!


South Carolina Restaurant Allegedly Resold Costco Pizza At 700% Markup

Yes, having a Costco membership can be a godsend in some regards. You can stock up on frozen foods to last you until the end of time. But if you were a restaurant, would you go as far as to buy some Costco brand frozen pizza and pass it off as your own?

Apparently that’s what a restaurant in South Carolina did, reports The Post and Courier.

Coquin, a wine bar in Charleston, is selling “Roman-style” pizzas for $18 and $20 depending if they are plain or have toppings as a way for the restaurant to transition into delivery during this worldwide pandemic. However, the Post and Courier had been alerted by both patrons and employees of the restaurant that the pizza they were offering for delivery had in fact been pre-purchased from Costco’s frozen food section .

According to the Post and Courier, a reporter spotted the owner of Coquin receive a delivery order and walk up to his private residence leaving with “Fresh Pizza, Oven Baked” boxes. Afterwards the reporter discovered four-pack boxes of Kirkland’s Signature Cheese Pizzas with Breadcrumb Crusts (about $10 for four pizzas) in the restaurant’s dumpster.

When asked directly, however, the owner denied that the pizzas sold for delivery were from Costco.

Even with fresh toppings thrown onto Costco’s already existing $2.50 cheese base, this comes out to about a 700% markup. Which is arguably just as bad as hoarding toilet paper and disinfectant and selling it at a higher price during these times.

Coquin’s website for pizza delivery is currently down at the time of publication.


Costco Will Not Accept Returns For Hoarded Water and Toilet Paper

Photo by Zidane Hartono

If the world doesn’t end and you just bought 90 cases of water, along with 7,000 rolls of toilet paper from Costco, you’re going to be well stocked for a while, because Coscto will no longer let you return those items.

Signs are starting to circulate around the stores and social media, showing that returns will not be honored for toilet paper, paper towels, sanitizing wipes, water, rice and Lysol.

According to Coscto Deals, it has been confirmed nationwide, so you’re stuck with your toilet paper forts.


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Grocery stores have been madhouses, despite social distancing regulations, but they’ve been able to settle down and take better control of the crowds.

Several stores, including Costco, implemented exclusive shopping times for the elderly and those with special needs. A lot of stores are also implementing shopper limits, where only handfuls of people are let in at a time, to respect the large gathering restrictions.

All these adjustments should help with both employees and shoppers safety, and as a reminder, stores will not be shutting down, so no need to panic buy at the moment.

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Breaded SPAM Patties Have Been Spotted For Sale In Costco

SPAM is known well over as the ubiquitous canned meat that goes great in everything from musubi to fried rice. Many of these creations, like SPAM fries, involve putting the meat product in the deep fryer.

It seems that SPAM’s newest product is cutting out that step for us, as containers of breaded SPAM patties have been spotted at a Costco location.

Photo: Marc Kharrat // Foodbeast

Foodbeast Marc Kharrat spotted the containers at a Costco in Fountain Valley, California. The packs appear to contain over a dozen breaded pieces of SPAM inside, with a serving suggestion of 2 slices per meal. An entire pack (27 ounces) comes out to $9.59, which is about the same price as three cans of regular SPAM.

A search for the product online has failed to produce any results in both social media and internet website mentions, leading us to believe this is an entirely new product. Foodbeast has reached out to Hormel (the parent company of SPAM) for comment, and we hope to have more details on this product and where it’s sold soon.

UPDATE [Jan. 27th]: We’ve gotten word from the team at SPAM that the patties are being sold in Costco locations in the Los Angeles and Hawaii areas, with plans to quickly expand them across the United States. Each package contains 18 slices of the breaded, frozen SPAM.

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Costco Is Selling Some of The World’s Most Expensive Ham For A Fraction Of Market Price

Image courtesy of Costco Wholesale

Iberico Ham is one of the most expensive meats you can purchase. Boasting a rich flavor and velvety texture, you can find a single leg of the decadent meat costing more than a $1,000 depending on where you buy it.

Is it worth it for the flavor? Absolutely. Albeit the price can be a little steep, especially if you’re trying to budget for the holidays. Those of you with a Costco card, however, are primed to save more than a pretty penny.

Costco is selling said meat for only a fraction of the price that it would typically cost in Spain.

Image courtesy of Constantine Spyrou

Produced in the Valle de los Pedroches, a region in Southern Spain, the ham is from Iberico Breed pigs that are fed a vegetarian diet of acorn and grass and raised free-range — all prime conditions when raising livestock.

At $560, the whole leg is about 40 percent less than what you would find sold directly from Spain or other online retailers. Cuts of the same leg have ranged from upward of $800 to even $1,000 depending on where you decide to purchase it.

For more context, Foodbeast writer Constantine Spyrou was in Spain earlier this year and found whole legs of Jamon Iberico de Bellota for sale at about 969 Euros per leg. In US dollars, that translates to about $1,067.

Costco’s leg coming out to approximately 51% of that price.

Image courtesy of Constantine Spyrou

Another leg the lauded world traveler found cost 850 Euros, $935 USD, making it 58% of that price. Even Amazon sells it for about $100 more than Costco.

You can find the leg of Jamon Iberico de Bellota both online and at Costco locations nationwide.