Man Burns Penis After Having Sex with a Pizza, Domino’s Tweets Epic Response


While we’re usually not a fan of corporate Twitter accounts, they tend to be bland and much too perky, this Twitter chat between Domino’s UK and one of their customers deserves a slow clap.

After making sweet, hot love to a pizza, @ITK_AGENT_VIGO reached out to @Dominos_UK for a refund. The man complained that “STAFF SHOULD INFORM CUSTOMERS ABOUT THE DANGERS OF MAKING LOVE TO YOUR PIZZA,” making sure to stick to all caps throughout the rest of the exchange.

In response, Domino’s replied brilliantly. While we acknowledge this exchange is most likely fake, we like to entertain the possibility that there’s an ambitious pizza out there trying to give lonely men blow jobs. Read on:









The United Brands of America: See Where Hooters, Starbucks & Tabasco Sauce Reign


Do you know where your favorite brand is made? No? Well lucky for us Maps on the Web posted this nifty little infographic detailing the most famous brands produced in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Some of these brands aren’t a huge surprise, such as Washington being the Starbucks mecca of coffee addicts err-where. Or even Pennsylvania being the Hershey capital of the country — they have a Hershey amusement park for cocoa’s sake!

It was interesting to see that Texas is such a huge producer of Dr. Pepper, but perhaps they’re using the popular pop for use in that homestyle barbecue the southern state is most famous for.

Besides giving us Mardi Gras and beignets, Louisiana’s main contribution to the food world is Tabasco Sauce, but as our readers know, Foodbeast is more of a Sriracha kind of staff.

PS. Did anyone else know that the Pillsbury Dough Doy hails from Minnesota? Hoo-hoo!

H/T + PicThx Laughing Squid