Jimboy’s Tacos Is One Of California’s Most Legendary Taco Spots

Northern California-based Jimboy’s Tacos holds a pioneering culinary legacy that was started by a husband and wife team in Tahoe, California during the 1950s. That legacy still exists today, and is held together with Jimboy’s delicious fan favorite, the original cheeseburger taco.

Since 1954, Jimboy’s original cheeseburger tacos have been made with fried corn tortillas, a grilled hamburger patty, lettuce, tomatoes cheddar cheese, then dusted with Parmesan cheese.

Throughout the years, this crispy infusion of beef, cheese and lettuce provided sustenance for members of the Rat Pack, and continue to bring the quality, freshness and taste created by Jim “Jimboy” Knudson all those years ago.

Shout out to Jimboy’s Tacos for preserving a legacy and continuing to make something delicious and original for generations past and present.


Bacon-Studded Corn Tortilla Chips


Recipe: Dude Foods


Craving: The Royal Flush


Forget what you know about cards. The new Royal Flush is here and it has 3 sunny side up eggs on top of beans, red chile sauce, cheddar cheese, 3 hash browned potatoes all carried underneath 4 corn tortillas! Las Vegas please take notes. (PicThx TIWYF)


El Pollo Loco: Taste the Fire for FREE

In the wake of KFC’s addition of grilled chicken, it seems El Pollo Loco is on a mission to let its customers decide who has the better grilled amenities! On April 28th, 2009, the good folks over at El Pollo Loco will be holding the “Tast the Fire” offer, consisting of one flame-grilled leg and one flame-grilled thigh, two tortillas (your choice of flour or corn) and fresh salsa. Remember to ask about this offer when you go in, tell them you want to “Taste the Fire!”, otherwise they’ll just charge you! The limit is one per customer, until 8:00 p.m., and must be done through a walk-in order (dine-in or carry-out is fine, but no drive-thru apparently!). Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition if you ask me! Eat on!