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Kellogg’s Apologizes For Unintentional Racist Corn Pops Box Art

Kellogg’s is under fire right now for creating some unintentionally racist Corn Pops box art on their latest packaging.

Kellogg’s (and the rest of the world) were informed of their mishap by Marvel writer Saladin Ahmed, who took to Twitter to voice his complaints. Ahmed called the art racist because the only brown Corn Pop in the entire packaging was working as a mall janitor while all of the other Corn Pops are having fun. Ahmed claims that the racist Corn Pops box art “is teaching kids racism” because kids will be “staring at this over breakfast” and see exactly what he and his son saw.

The cereal giant was quick to apologize, something that Ahmed voiced appreciation for in a later tweet. In a statement to USA Today, Kellogg’s stood behind a “commitment to diversity and inclusion” and that they would be changing the box art as soon as possible. You should expect to find non-racist Corn Pops packaging up in shelves “as soon as it flows through distribution,” according to Kellogg’s.