Deals Hit-Or-Miss

How To Get 50-Cent Corn Dogs At Sonic This Halloween


Halloween is here and while you’re out on your spooky adventure, dodging murderous clowns and collecting candy, you’re gonna get hungry. Sonic has your back with 50 cent corn dogs all day. Since the drive-in chain is open late, that literally means they’ll have the corn dogs deal all day. Well, unless they run out, then you’re dead ass out of luck, my guy. I called in to my local Sonic and they said there’s no limit, so I’m taking that as gospel and getting 100 corn dogs later.

Who:  Sonic Drive-In

What: 50 cent corn dogs, no limit

When: All day Monday, Halloween, 2016

Where: All participating Sonic Drive-Ins

Why: Because you need to balance out the spookiness of the day with cheap food

Deals Hit-Or-Miss

Sonic’s Giving Out 50-CENT Corn Dogs To End The Summer Right

Sonic’s Drive-In is celebrating the end of summer with a special one-day deal.

On Wednesday August 31, Sonic’s will be offering it’s Original Corn Dog for half price. Originally priced at about a $1.00, Sonic’s Corn Dog will be 50 cents all day long.


Who: Sonic Drive-In

What: 50-Cent Corn Dogs all day.

When: Wednesday, August 31.

Where: All participating Sonic Drive-In locations. Find your nearest location here.

Why: To celebrate the end of summer

Why do you need an excuse for 50-Cent corn dogs? If you do, you don’t deserve to have such a great deal at your fingertips.


Watch This Dude Make A Pringles-battered Corn Dog


I asked Nick of DudeFoods over a Facebook chat, “Where’d you get the idea for a Pringles-breaded Corn Dog?”

As soon as he saw news break about hot dog-flavored Pringles he knew that he had to bread hot dogs in the newly released snack. It’s just the way the dude’s head works, apparently. For those that follow his body of work, he’s known for having a key eye for mashups. Bacon-wrapped Pizza Balls. Waffle-wrapped Bacon Chicken Wings. Now these dogs.

Thankfully, he has a pretty masterful YouTube video up that details how to make these yourself…because let’s be real, is there any better dish to bring to the next function?


15 Foods That Define America, According To The Rest Of The World

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to American food. A few weeks ago, we shared a video showing Korean girls trying American barbecue for the first time and what their initial impressions were.

What we spent most of our lives eating in the US is a completely different experience for those living on the other side of the world.

A question was recently posed on Reddit asking what non-Americans would consider American food. Growing up in the US, there are a TON of answers that immediately popped into our heads.

Pretty cool to see what folks from other countries consider the symbol of American food.


Corn Dogs




Sloppy Joe’s


Fried Chicken and Waffles




New England Clam Chowder


Buffalo Wings


Dr. Pepper


Peanut Butter


Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Stk



Burger and Fries


Philly Cheesesteak


Delivery Pizza




Fast Food

White Castle Debuts Mini Chicken Corn Dog Nibblers


This summer, White Castle is introducing a flight of ‘Nibblers‘ for a limited time. The offerings include the return of two fan-favorite items: Shrimp and Mac & Cheese Nibblers.

New to the menu will be the Corn Dog Nibblers. The mini corn dogs are made with chicken that’s been coated in a honey cornbread before going into the deep fryer.

Fans may remember fondly that the Mac & Cheese Nibblers are made with cheddar macaroni and cheese and deep fried in a cheddar batter. The shrimp, of course, is fried shrimp.

You can find a small order of the Corn Dog Nibblers for $1.99, the Mac & Cheese for $1.79 and $3.49 for the shrimp. Prices may vary depending on location.



Sonic Offers Yet Another 50-Cent Corn Dog Special, This Time for Halloween


Who: Sonic America’s Drive In.

What: In honor of Halloween, Sonic is offering a 50-cent corn dog deal to all customers. With so many recent corn dog promotions, we’re starting to wonder if it’d be easier for them to just designate a day of the week to serve 50-cent corn dogs.

Where: The deal will be available at all participating Sonic America’s Drive In locations.

When: All Halloween day Friday, October 31. Stay spooky, people.


Sonic Offers 50-Cent Corn Dogs ‘Deal’


Who: Sonic Drive-In

What: Sonic is offering 50-cent corn dogs. While you’ll probably save 50-cents, you’ll likely spend more than you should stocking up on cheap corn dogs. Might as well get some drinks too. Because salty.

Where: All participating Sonic Locations.

When: Thursday, Aug. 28. All day.


Sonic Offering 50-Cent Corn Dogs to Celebrate the End of School

Sonic Corn Dogs


Who: Sonic Drive-In celebrating National End of School Day

What: 50-cent Corn Dogs.

Where: At all participating Sonic locations.

When: All day May 22