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Coors is Now Making Milk?

While the thought of Coors making milk products is as left field as it gets for anyone, we have to realize that their expertise and knowledge of grains is what lead them to debuting a new barley milk.

Introducing Golden Wing, a new non-alcohol plant-based milk that can be found in the dairy aisle rather than the beer section of the grocery store. Coors taps into one of beer’s primary ingredients in barley, presenting a product that is made with five all-natural ingredients, including non-GMO barley stock that comes from the fields of Coors’ barley farmers.

The five ingredients that make up Golden Wing are simple: water, barley, sunflower oil, pink Himalayan salt and shiitake mushroom extract. Golden Wing’s flavor is likened to a malty sweetness similar to cereal milk. Color me intrigued.

If you’re as curious as I am, Golden Wing is launching at select Sprouts and Whole Foods grocery stores, and is now available via its website.

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Coors and Brixton Pay Homage To Western Roots

Coors Banquet has teamed up with Brixton to launch the duo’s third capsule of limited-edition headwear, apparel and accessories inspired by the American West. 

Extending the partnership further, the two brands have created an exclusive segment of the capsule, Protect Our West, supporting Coors’ charitable initiative to benefit the Wildland Firefighter Foundation whose work supports the men and women who risk their lives battling wildfires across the West Coast. 

The collection focuses on premium cut and sew apparel, headwear and accessories that draw from the heritage of Coors combined with the aesthetic of Brixton. The collection features Brixton’s signature silhouettes elevated with limited-edition details, including Bowery Flannels and Cass Jackets, alongside premium printables with original hand-drawn artwork for a limited collection of Western classics and modern staples.  

From Coors Banquet’s start in Golden, Colorado in 1873, to Brixton’s California roots, a spirit of perseverance shines through in each piece of the workwear-inspired collection. The color palette leans on Banquet’s signature Buff, a golden shade, first introduced after the repeal of Prohibition on both cans and bottle labels. 

Coors Banquet has supported the efforts of Wildland Firefighters through its Protect Our West initiative for the last eight years. As part of this year’s initiative, Brixton and Coors Banquet have created an exclusive line to support the work being done by the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. A portion of the proceeds for each piece of the Protect Our West Collection will be donated to continue supporting this valuable cause. 

The Brixton x Coors Banquet and Protect Our West collection is available now as well as Nordstrom, PacSun, Tillys, Fanatics, Buckle and Zumiez.

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Coors Sweetens Up Summer With Orange Cream Pop Seltzer

The iconic Orange Cream Pop, that staple of ice cream trucks nationwide, has gotten an adult upgrade courtesy of Coors. This summer, Coors Seltzer has launched its new limited-time flavor, Orange Cream Pop.

Like previous Coors Seltzers, Orange Cream Pop is 90 calories and 4.5% alcohol by volume per 12 ounces. The new flavor also supports the brand’s mission to help restore 500 gallons of clean water to America’s rivers with each purchase of a 12-pack through its partnership with Change The Course.

Along with Orange Cream Pop, available in 12 packs of 12-ounce slim cans, Coors Seltzer is available nationwide in four-flavor variety packs including: Black Cherry, Lemon Lime, Mango and Grapefruit.

To celebrate the flavor’s recent release, Coors also partnered with Tipsy Scoop for a limited-edition ice cream flavor available at Tipsy Scoop barlours in New York City and Long Island, as well as on The orange and cream-colored and flavored twisted ice cream contains up to 5% alcohol by volume.

Additionally, customers in New York City can get a 12-pack of Coors Orange Cream Pop Hard Seltzer along with their Tipsy Scoop purchase at the brand’s Brooklyn location. 

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Coors Gives Back For Wildfire Relief

With the American West having its worst wildfire season in at least 70 years, Coors Banquet increased its annual support to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation with a $300,000 donation and the release of a branded T-shirt to help support the cause.

The donation, which builds on a seven-year relationship with the foundation, will go toward providing assistance to firefighters and their families during a wildfire season that has burned some 7.5 million acres, killed at least 35 people, destroyed hundreds of structures and caused extreme air pollution.

Coors Banquet also has created limited-edition Protect Our West T-shirts, which are available here for $21.99. All proceeds will be included in the brand’s donation.

Since 2013, Coors Banquet has donated $1.5 million to the nonprofit, which provides financial and educational support to injured or fallen wildland firefighters and their families. In the last 20 years, 13 states have recorded the worst wildfires in their history, and the threat of widespread wildfires is on the rise.

“Unfortunately, we’ve seen wildfires become more devastating almost every year, and Coors Banquet will continue to look for ways to amplify our partnership with the Wildland Firefighters Foundation,” says Heidi Gilbertson, marketing manager for the brand. “That’s why this year, we’re increasing our donation and giving consumers a way to show their support, too, with a T-shirt where proceeds go toward this cause.”

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Watch This Grandpa Crack Open a 32-Year-Old Beer After The Cubs’ Win

Baseball is full of traditions and superstitions. It’s one of the sweet, old school parts of the game that still remains. The Chicago Cubs and their fans might be the most traditional and superstitious of them all, and since their World Series victory last nigth, it’s all been coming out in full force.

Case in point, this grandpa who had a beer chilling in his fridge for 32 years, waiting for a Cubs victory before he let out its expired contents into a mug.

A tweet sent out by Chicagoan Grace Johnson shows her grandpa finally cracking open the 32-year-old Coors can he’d been saving for this very special occasion.

He probably should have saved a wine though, because the beer apparently smelled terrible, as you’d expect from an old beer.

You can hear his son joke around in the video, saying, “I think you should drink it and die a happy man.”

Thankfully he didn’t, and now he can throw in another shitty beer in his fridge until the Cubs’ next win, which might take another 100 years, with their luck. But who believes in that stuff anyway, right?


This Dude Stole A Semi Full Of Coors And Ran Himself Over With It


Sometimes, we can’t help but have a bad day. Take this beer thief, for example. In an attempt to steal a trucked loaded with beer, he ran himself over with the very same truck before getting arrested.

Gregory Miller, 56, allegedly entered a parked 18-wheeler Coors Light beer truck and drove off with it, reports The truck had been parked in the lot of a Colorado Circle K where the driver had made a stop early Monday morning. When he returned to the lot, he discovered the truck was missing and quickly called the police.

Eventually, the police caught up with Miller who led them on a chase. With the vehicle still running, Miller leaped from the truck.

Unfortunately for Miller, the moving semi-truck ran over his leg.

Miller was arrested and taken to the hospital where he was treated for a serious wound and a possible broken leg. He’s facing two charges in relation to the incident.

Jumping from a moving beer truck probably sounded cooler in his head.

Photo: Coors


This Is What Coors And Budweiser Look Like As Craft Beers

There seems to be a lack of craft beer acceptance from major beer brands. Budweiser even went as far as attacking craft beers in its Super Bowl commercial. It’s like there’s a certain pride for the simplicity in some beers, but what if the biggest beer brands such as Budweiser and Corona took the craft route? Restaurant Choice busted out its Photoshop skills and re-imagined what some of these major beer brands would look like as crafts.

Check out the transformed beers below:

Coors Light, er… Dark




beer on the table






Glass of beer on a sunset



h/t brobible


MillerCoors Debuts Unexpected New Beer with 6.9% ABV and Notes of Bourbon

miller fortune coors beer

Looking to appeal to 20-something males, MillerCoors is rolling out a very ambitious new brew. Dubbed “Fortune,” their latest offering packs 6.9 percent ABV — almost a full percentage above Bud Light Platinum and Budweiser Black Crown and over 2 percent more than a standard PBR. Supposedly, Fortune features a malty, complex flavor with subtle notes of bourbon. Yes, bourbon in your MillerCoors beer.

Sounds ambitious? The brand takes it a step further by decking out their bottles with a jet black look, a playful Heads & Tails cap and a sleek Ace of Spades icon. A high ABV and notes of bourbon flavor? Check. Craft beer-esque packaging? Check. We see what you did there MillerCoors.

To top it off (yes, we went there), Miller Coors plans on asking bars and vendors to serve the beer in a rocks glass versus the standard pint glass. If you’re looking for this new stuff at a store, you’ll likely shell out $6.99 for a six-pack.

For those readers in Los Angeles, you have a chance to checkout Miller Fortune at its Los Angeles launch party happening this Friday, February 7th @ The Vault. Powered by Power 106 and DJ Felli Fel, the launch event is to include the first West Coast tasting of Miller Fortune, Custom Blackberry Fortune Cookies (see FOODBEAST Instagram), VIP Casino & Raffle, Power 106 Valentine’s Crush Ticket Giveaway, and of course Miller Burlesque Dancers and Fortune Girls.

The Vault Los Angeles

801 S. Hill St.

Los Angeles, CA 90014

9 PM – Close