Coors Light Promotes Puppy Love By Helping To Pay For Dog Adoption Fees

Dogs and beer. Arguments can be made that both are ‘man’s (or human’s) best friend.” However, why choose when you can have both? Just ask Monica Mathis. Motorworks Brewing recently reunited her with her dog, Hazel, via its Citra Cruiser.

Coors Light must agree because instead of being worried about having a special someone to cuddle up with this Valentine’s Day, the Golden, CO brewery is encouraging consumers to spend the day adopting a dog. In return, they will help pay fees for 1,000 dogs adopted between now and February 21.

“Cuffing Season is a major cultural trend and poses tension for our younger drinkers, as they navigate the stress of finding someone to spend the cold months with,” said Chelsea Parker, Marketing Manager at Molson Coors. “With almost half of millennials planning to stay in on Valentine’s Day, we wanted to help empower people to savor the day with Coors Light and a dog by their side.”

Anyone of legal drinking age who resides in an eligible state and adopts a dog between February 4–21, 2020 can have Coors Light help cover their adoption fees. Eligible participants can text “COORS4k9” and a picture of their adoption receipt to 28130. After review, the first 1,000 eligible participants will be given $100 to apply toward their adoption fees. Go here for more details.


These Are The 20 Most Popular Beers In America Right Now

Big Beer is a big business in America. Total annual sales stand around $100 billion. Craft Beers, as defined by the Brewer’s Association, are booming, yet still only account for around 15% of the beer sold in America. On a volume basis, craft beer’s share of the market is about half of that, due to its premium pricing. So what’s America drinking? A whole lot of light beer, most of which is made by a handful of monstrous macro brewers. America’s most popular beer is Bud Light – by a couple billion dollars. Yes, Bud Light’s U.S. sales alone would lodge it firmly within the Fortune 500.


Written by VinePair‘s Joshua Malin


Bud Light is America’s Top Selling Beer — Sold More Than Coors Light and Budweiser Combined Last Year


With one of America’s biggest drinking holidays just around the corner (St. Patrick’s day you sober buffoons), we stumbled upon some interesting figures for beer sales in 2012: The top 5 selling domestic beers included Bud Light, Coors Light, Budweiser, Miller Lite and Natural Light.

Even more intriguing is the fact that Bud Light, the number one selling beer in the country sold close to 270 million cases, which is a whopping 60 million cases over the combined amount of sales done by the #2 and #3 brands Coors Light (101,760,300 cases) and Budweiser (101,651,900 cases). While Bud Light maintains a strong grasp

An infographic visualizing the 2011 sales figures can be seen below, but to put it into perspective, this is what sales looked like for the Top 3 brands in 2011 and 2012:


  1. Bud Light ($5,327,145,000)
  2. Budweiser ($2,072,380,000)
  3. Coors Light ($1,946,762,000)


  1. Bud Light ($5,452,052,000)
  2. Coors Light ($2,056,722,000)
  3. Budweiser ($2,017,366,000)

Amidst the top three brands, Coors Light took a jump to the #2 spot while Budweiser noticed a drop in sales from 2011 to 2012. Bud Light remained in the top position, outperforming themselves in 2012 and extending the gap in their lead from Coors Light, their next closest competitor.


2011 Sales Figures from / 2012 Sales Figures from Infographic



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Pic of the Day: Shotgun Show


Most beer is meant to be enjoyed for the smooth, savory and refreshing beverage that it is. Not Coors Light. Stab it with a knife towards the bottom, pop it open, put your mouth to your can’s new incision and embarass yourself. Go on, you’re only a kid once.