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Ritz Peanut Butter Ice Cream Is Launching From Coolhaus Next Month

Fans of peanut butter Ritz cracker sandwiches are getting a frozen treat that celebrates the best of what that snack has to offer, but in ice cream form.

Photo courtesy of Coolhaus and Ritz, Background by Markus Winkler // Unsplash

Ritz has teamed up with Coolhaus to make a “Crackers & Cream” ice cream that featured a Ritz cracker swirl inside of a peanut butter ice cream. The collab is the first one Ritz has ever done in the ice cream space.

Ritz crackers on their own are well known, but combining them with peanut butter here calls to our childhood lunch snacks and reminds us that the school season is just around the corner.

Since Coolhaus is known for doing some out-of-box flavors, it would also be cool to see a flavor based on the cheddar Ritz cracker sandwiches some time in the future.

For the current Ritz peanut butter ice cream, however, you can purchase it starting it on September 9th. The flavor is a limited edition, and only available for purchase on the Coolhaus website. There’s no telling if it will make it into grocery stores just yet.


Coolhaus Ice Cream Plans To Release A Chocolate Taquito

“We’re working on re-inventing the Choco Taco — as a taquito.”

Once those very words were said by Coolhaus Ice Cream co-founder and CEO Natasha Case while on the latest The Katchup podcast, they became a magnet for intrigue, as evidenced by co-host Geoffrey Kutnick’s half incredulous, half excited tone when he asked, “When is the choco-taquito coming out?”

“2021,” replied Case. “We already have our innovation launching for 2020. So we have to work so far in advance of timelines because of grocery stores.”

It’s a wild concept to envision, really, reimagining a Mexican favorite as a chocolatey ice cream concoction. However that may turn out on Coolhaus’ end once the product releases remains to be seen. But that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about it until then. In fact, below is our own Foodbeast interpretation of what we think this Coolhaus chocolate taquito ice cream could be.

CoolHaus Ice Cream_Chocolate Taquito_render

Art: Sam Brosnan

As you can see in the artist rendering above, we envision a waffle cone shell rolled, filled with ice cream, and finished with a healthy layer of chocolate. Coolhaus’ version may very well be something that looks nothing like this. But one thing we are confident in is their ability to innovate well.

“So you’re just trying to reinvent the ice cream category,” observed co-host Elie Ayrouth.

“Yes, yes, yes… I want to reinvent — especially novelties, there’s so much to do. We’re gonna just grow this brand to be the household brand of our generation.”

Such dedication to product innovation and the confidence to execute it, along with a unique vision that Natasha Case encapsulated on The Katchup podcast episode, makes us look forward even more to the final result of the Coolhaus choco-taquito.

“2021, it’ll come faster than you think,” assured Case.

We’re crossing our fingers in anticipation until then.


Attention: Tapatio-Spiked Pineapple Cilantro Chili Sorbet Coming to Los Angeles


Not all trends are created equal, but this streak of street wear brands teaming up with some of our favorite foods is straight killing the game! Last year we were psyched with the announcement of Popular Demand x Roscoes, followed by Stussy x Plan Check this past March, and now, perfectly timed for Cinco de Mayo, the arrival of The Hundreds x Tapatio. Roll out the red carpet doused in hot sauce for the birth of this bad boy.

If you are trying to take it even more next level — and who are we kidding, you are — next week, The Hundreds x Tapatio have collaborated with one of the city’s best, Coolhaus, to offer a super limited-edition flavor: Spicy Pineapple Cilantro Serrano Chili Sorbet spiked with the treasured hot sauce. Who said dreams don’t come true?

With temperatures beginning to sore in Los Angeles, this burst of summer flavor couldn’t have dropped at a better time. There’s something about this particular beautiful marriage of ingredients that is inherently L.A. With our city’s unrivaled love for Mexican food, and vendors slinging fresh slices of fruta con chile at some of this city’s most vibrant parks and streets, something about the amalgam of fruit, cilantro, chile and hot sauce feels so right.


Don’t sleep on this, get your scoop while you can! And if you’re looking to make it a sorbet sandwich, the ultimate Coolhaus mastermind (founder Natasha) recommends sandwiching it between the Pine Nut Olive Oil or Vegan Ginger Molasses. This rare flavor drops May 5 and will only be available through May 9 at the Coolhaus Culver City location.

8588 W. Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

Picthx The Hundreds


Here’s How to Make Fried Chicken and Waffle Ice Cream [VIDEO]

Popular architecture-inspired ice cream sandwich food truck Coolhaus is doing the world a solid by breaking down, in video format, how they make their Fried Chicken and Waffle Ice Cream.

The process, when explained visually, isn’t too daunting. All you need to get started is milk, heavy cream, butter, sugar, real maple syrup, chicken skins, chicken stock, kosher salt, black pepper, cayenne and dry sage. Here’s a video recapping the process, hosted by Coolhaus CEO Tash and Executive Pastry chef Jess.

Enjoy the visuals:


This is What Coachella’s Poster Would Look Like if Food Was Headlining

Coachella. It’s one of the biggest music festivals of the year, and it’s an arguably alienating topic for some. You either have tickets, wish you had tickets, or are sick-and-tired of hearing about those who are going, wish they were going, or the self-aware trolls who protest earnestly against everyone who mentions Coachella in their Facebook statuses.

Yeah, there’s people playing music. Wah. Yeah there’s two weekends and all my friends are going to the first. Wah.

Enough ranting, the real moral of the story is, Coachella’s annual poster-reveal with their extravagant performing lineups have always been a point of discussion. So much so that interesting blog Food is the New Rock has successfully mocked up a Coachella poster, painting food as the primary focus of the event.

Can you spot the big players? Kogi BBQ Truck references? Some CoolHaus desserts?

For those going to Coachella this year, what food are you looking forward to? For those not going, maybe you should chirp at the rest of the Coachella-ers in the comments and remind them how much of a shit you don’t give about the concert in general?

Until next year:


Port of Los Angeles Lobsterfest Recap

Over the weekend we attended the 13th Annual Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival, and boy were there A LOT of lobster heads walking around. This was a nice event to bring the whole family. There were carnival rides and pirate shows for the kids and lots of beer on tap for the adults.

The crowd was really there for the “fair” food. The constant smell of fresh kettle korn and funnel cake was really pumping up everyone’s appetite.

This is long tent where you get your genuine Maine lobster meal. We had a first class pass that let us go to the front of the line to get ours, but the real line wasn’t that bad and totally worth the 4-5 minute wait.

So here’s what you get for $19 bucks: a 1.25 lbs Maine lobster, bread, cole slaw, cajun potatoes, a huge chunk of watermelon, with butter and lemon wedges. The lobster was definitely the star of the meal as it should be. It was the perfect size for one person and definitely tasted sweet like fresh seafood. There was no fishy smell at all. Although, we were kind of turned off by the prepackaged bread, cole slaw, and butter dipping sauce, the huge fresh slices of watermelon made up for it. Also a thumbs up to Lobsterfest for having staff on hand to cut up the lobster so you don’t need any tools other than your heads.

But if you’re not feeling lobster, Nom Nom truck was there serving up some delicious Vietnamese style sandwiches. You can’t help but notice this cute truck and wonder if you’re still hungry.

As seen on Food Network’s “Amazing Truck Race,” Ragin Cagun was there too and serving up some more of their Southern Style seafood.

We weren’t that hungry after our meal, but we saw the Coolhaus truck and couldn’t resist getting one of their fancy ice cream sandwiches. There were a lot of ice cream and cookie combinations to choose from such as snickerdoodle cookies with sea salt caramel ice cream or red velvet cookies with tahitian vanilla ice cream, but we had our stomaches set on the brown butter bacon ice cream with chocolate chip cookies. Can’t go wrong bacon!

After all that food, we had some itis and it was definitely time to relax and enjoy the shows on the nice and cool lawn.

Overall, this was a great event. Definitely worth checking out, even for a fun outing if not for the lobster.







Food Trucks

Coolhaus Truck Reveals a Strawberry Jalapeno Ice Cream Sandwich

The Coolhaus truck is known for its architecturally inspired ice cream sandwich menu, with their converted postal vans roaming LA, Austin and NYC. In their latest revelation, the brand is showing off a tantalizing strawberry jalapeno ice cream sandwiched between chocolate sea salt cookies.

For those unfamiliar with Coolhaus products, all of their ice cream sandwiches come complete with an edible wrapper. Yes. The paper is made from potato, the edible ink is soy.