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Kinda Funny Launches Their Own Cooking Series In ‘Cooking With Greggy’

We were always hoping Kinda Funny would delve into the food scene. The online treasure trove of video game, comic book, and entertainment content has always been a guilty pleasure of ours to delve into after a long work day. We never thought they’d have time to step into an entirely new medium. Looks like our prayers have been answered.

Not too long ago, Greg Miller found a passion for cooking that had him sharing his home cooked meals on his personal Instagram account under the hashtag #CookingWithGreggy.

Just one more meal to make and then #cookingwithgreggy is in the books. Been great so far. Hope people watch. 😅

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Now, the co-founder of the immensely popular online entertainment company has his very own cooking show: Cooking With Greggy.

In the first episode, Greg creates the “perfect breakfast” of omelettes and potatoes. Between his nonchalant cooking style, his banter with cameraman Nick, and his TEAM FAT apron, we can see this new series being a humorous breath of fresh air in the YouTube cooking space.

Check out the first episode in the video above. Patreon subscribers can also get each new episode a week early.


There’s ANOTHER Iron Chef Series Coming Out And The Chairman Returns

Not too long ago, Food Network revived one of their most iconic series: Iron Chef. Named Iron Chef Gauntlet, the show brought back fan-favorite host Alton Brown as he introduced the world to a new generation of chefs hungry for the Iron Chef title.

Well, it looks like fans will get another hearty serving of Iron Chef with a new series called Iron Chef Showdown according to Food Network. This series, however, will have something that Gauntlet was gravely missing: Mark Dacascos, ‘The Chairman’ from the original US series.

Fans of the original US series will remember Dacascos’ eccentric Chairman who would announce the secret ingredient at the beginning of every episode. His flamboyant personality and gratuitous backflips made him a beloved figure in Iron Chef lore.

Notable food celebrities slated to appear include Bobby Flay, Jose Garces, Michael Symon, and many others. Grubstreet reports that the series will air sometime in the 4th quarter of 2017 with Alton Brown returning to host.

Hit-Or-Miss News

Food Network Just Announced The Iron Chef Reboot

Finally. #IronChefGauntlet

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Fans of Iron Chef America will be stoked to hear that the show is coming back. According to Variety, Food Network announced a brand new retooling of the show with culinary mad genius and funny man Alton Brown returning as the host.

The new series will be called Iron Chef Gauntlet and viewers can expect some new twists on the series’ classic format. While the original series featured notable chefs like Bobby Flay, Masaharu Morimoto, and Michael Symon, there’s still no word on who will appear in Gauntlet. Though with Food Network’s extensive talent pool of chefs, it’s safe to say we’ll get some pretty big fish from the culinary waters.

Iron Chef aired for 12 seasons and concluded in 2015. Iron Chef Gauntlet begins production in early 2017.

Here’s hoping Mark Dacascos returns as well. Dude’s a national treasure.

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“Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes” Cooking Show Debuts Its First Episode

Can’t get enough of Charlie Sheen? As much as we think his antics, “winning” phrases and media coverage is starting to become a bit stale, he catches off guard with his own cooking show, aptly titled, “Winning Recipes”.

The show debuted earlier today, proclaiming that this episode “shows you how to cook using all of the power of a warlock.” The video was constructed, hosted and publicized through, because we’re guessing that Food Network wasn’t to keen on giving him a 30-minute slot of his own.


Squirrel Melts: ‘You Must Try Them’

It’s really hard to tell if this is a total joke or if this lady is dead serious. Maybe this was aired on some independent channel, or I’m just really gullible. Either way, it may seem gross, but for some reason I would definitely try a squirrel melt. Especially if she toasted that thing up on an English muffin. Would you?