How To Make Dessert Grilled Cheese And Other Stunning Marshmallow Recipes

Many of us are off for the holidays, and with that extra time means more room for sweet activities in the kitchen. 

In this month’s Foodbeast Recipe Challenge, the team was asked to create a magical recipe with a marshmallow theme. 

Probably the coolest ones of the batch has to be Foodbeast’s resident food science expert, Constantine, who created a marshmallow fluff dessert grilled cheese. 

You can check out exactly how they pulled off such a feat in the video above, along with the rest of the spectacular marshmallow creations from this challenge. 

This month’s chefs include Alyssa, who made Cookies n Creme Rice Krispie Treats, Kimberly who whipped up Bacon S’mores Cookies, Oscar and his mouthwatering Mazapan Marshmallow Treats, and Sarah’s stunning S’mores Stuffed Cupcakes. 

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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Trader Joe’s New Cinnamon Bun Cookies Just Landed On Our Radar

Photo courtesy of @JunkBanter and Shutterstock

I love cinnamon buns as much as the next guy, but the dessert roll is so rich sometimes its tough to finish a single one, even if you started your attempt with a massive craving.

Trader Joe’s has found a way to capture the essence of the lauded cinnamon bun and package it into something a little more snackable.

Junk Banter discovered these new Cinnamon Bun Cookies sold at their local Trader Joe’s and trust our interest is piqued.

The snacks are described as soft baked cinnamon and brown sugar cookies that sandwich together with a cinnamon bun-flavored creme filling.

It looks like Trader Joe’s checked off all the boxes for a proper cinnamon bun snack, though Junk Banter says they went a little too heavy on the spices and chewiness. You can find these at your local Trader Joe’s snack aisle and give them a try for yourselves.

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Chips Ahoy! x Sour Patch Kids Crossover Is The Cookie Collab We NEED

Ever face the dilemma while snack shopping where you absolutely can’t choose between the richness of a cookie with the sour blast of sweetness that comes from Sour Patch Kids? It’s something many of us have faced at some point in our youths… and well into our thirties.

Well, choose no further with the latest collaboration between Chips Ahoy! cookies and Sour Patch Kids. Yes, you read that right.

The new cookie hybrid features the sweet and crunchy texture of a Chips Ahoy! cookie souped up with the sweet and sour candy-inspired chunks of Sour Patch Kids. It’s essentially biting into a delectable cookie while popping pieces of Sour Patch Kids into your mouth, which frankly sounds amazing.

Wish these existed the last time I went to the movies. Then I wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on cookies and candy.

You can find this new flavor of Chips Ahoy! cookie at participating retailers nationwide starting May.

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McDonald’s Is Launching A Snickerdoodle McFlurry

The holidays are quickly approaching and it looks like McDonald’s is getting a jump on the seasonal festivities by releasing a brand new flavor of their famous McFlurry.

McDonald’s has announced that they’ll soon be releasing a Snickerdoodle McFlurry this month.

The dessert item combines McDonald’s iconic vanilla soft serve with crumbles of sweet cinnamon cookies, evoking the flavors of the winter holidays a few weeks early. Hey, the earlier the better I say.

According to the fast food chain, this is McDonald’s first new seasonal McFlurry flavor since 2012, the previous offering was a Holiday Mint variation.

The Snickerdoodles McFLurry will be available from Nov. 11 through Nov. 17 exclusively on Uber Eats, for those wanting a sneak peek at the new dessert flavor. Those who can wait a bit, can purchase it regularly at participating McDonald’s locations the week following Nov. 17.

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10 Unique Cookie Recipes That Put A Twist On The Classic Treat

Photo: So Delicious

What goes great with a nice cappuccino, equal parts foamy milk or whipped cream and some excellent coffee? A cookie! Or a whole platter of cookies, if you ask us. So if you’re looking for a few cookie ideas to have with a special hot beverage, we have you covered. 

You know how other people hate mornings? Well, I love them and sometimes I wish the day was all morning so that I could have so much coffee. My favorite is a good bean cappuccino, with perfectly rendered foam that just rises a bit from the rim of a cup. Yeah, I think about it in very poetic terms. So what could make a cappuccino even more perfect? Definitely, some cookies to dunk a little in it, that brink some crunch and buttery goodness to the whole experience.

10 cookie ideas for your cappuccino experience

1. Buttercream Topped Pecan Cookies

Pecans are some of our favorite nuts, and there’s a big reason for that. They’re full of flavor and roasting them really helps enhance their nutty taste. We’ve tried them on top of some homemade cookies, along with some delicious buttercream. And the results were phenomenal. Try these any time!

2. Nutella and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Got a big Nutella jar that you want to put to good use? We urge you to try and spoil your loved ones with a delicious dessert like this! You only need a few ingredients for these Nutella and chocolate chip cookies and they’re very easy to make. And make as many as possible, because one batch will not last for long at the table.

3. Chocolate-Glazed Cookies with Whipped Cream

These cookies are perfect to make when you plan of having coffee with a loved one. We firmly believe that you should treat yourself and also treat others to… treats. These particular cookies are topped with whipped cream and melted chocolate and basically melt in your mouth.

4. Chocolate, Walnut, and Raspberry Cookies

Remember those delicious cookies grandma used to make? Well, these ones might be just like them with an extra topping of raspberries. You can use fresh ones if they’re in season, but they’re just as good with frozen ones if you can’t find them at the farmer’s market. The walnuts bring some much-needed crunch to everything.

5. Chocolate Heart Cookies

Your heart on a tiny plate next to your cappuccino? That does sound perfect. These heart-shaped cookies are healthy, too. We made them with whole wheat flour, cocoa powder, coconut oil, and maple syrup. This means that you can have them even if you have a special diet. And the chocolate topping them is just the grace note!

6. Apple and Caramel Cookies

Apple is one of those ingredients that makes baked goods so much better. But once you add caramel to them, the game changes completely and you’re left just having them till the plate is empty. Not to mention that the flavors spell out ‘perfect for the cold season’ in big, friendly letters.

7. Chocolate chip and walnut cookies

With two types of chocolate and lots of crunch courtesy of the walnuts, these cookies are like a dream come true. With this recipe you can make them in your own kitchen, so you won’t have to buy them anymore. They’re ready in just over half an hour and they’re surely cheaper than store-bought ones.

8. Peanut Butter Cookies

If you’re a cookie maniac like us, just try this little trick. Add a touch of peanut butter into the dough when you’re making your favorite kind of cookies, and serve them with the jam you prefer. Try it and you’ll surely thank us later!

9. Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

These coconut chocolate chip cookies are gluten-free and a perfect dish for a Paleo diet meal plan. You can make a large batch and store them in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. That way, you’ll have an accessible breakfast or snack for every work day of the week!

10. Colored butter cookies

Homemade butter cookies are a delight, that is why we recommend baking them as often as possible. You only need around a handful of ingredients to make them, so they’re quite cheap to make, and your kids will really enjoy them. Especially if you coat them with some colored sprinkles. That will surely catch the eye!

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How To Make Cookies Without Baking Soda

Photo: David Franklin // Shutterstock

Fresh out of some essential baking ingredients? We’ll teach you how to make fluffy, tender cookies without baking soda.

You want to make a batch of chewy cookies. The eggs and butter are at room temperature. You bought our Test Kitchen’s recommended brand of chocolate chips. But when you reach into the pantry, you’re missing one key ingredient.

It won’t take long to learn how to make cookies without baking soda. Thanks to good ol’ science, all it takes is a quick swap.

Pro Tip: Despite its name, baking soda isn’t just for baking. It also makes an effective shampoo substitute, a refreshing face mask and can help clean almost every part of your home.

Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder

Though baking soda and baking powder look and feel nearly identical, there are some major differences between the two.

Baking soda is used in baking as a leavening agent. Remember that volcano science experiment from when you were a kid? The one where you added vinegar to baking soda and caused an eruption? When baking soda is combined with an acid, such as vinegar, buttermilk or lemon juice, it gives your baked goods the same lift.

Baking powder is a mixture of baking soda and cream of tartar. Because baking powder has the acid built in, it works in recipes that don’t otherwise contain acidic ingredients. Plus, most baking powders are “double-acting.” This means that rising can occur as soon as the baking powder gets wet, and then again when it comes in contact with heat (when it’s baked).

How to Replace Baking Soda

The switcheroo is simple. If you’re fresh out of baking soda, just replace the amount of baking soda with four times the amount of double-acting baking powder (2 tsp. baking powder for every 1/2 tsp. baking soda).

Yes, really—baking soda has four times the leavening power of baking powder.

Pro Tip: There is sometimes a bit of salt in baking powder. Because of this, you can omit any salt the recipe calls for when you’re making this substitution.

Next time you’re out of baking soda, have no fear! Its baking cousin can save the day.

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This Cookie Shop Is Bringing A Fresh Perspective To Utilizing Ube

Photo: Morgan Edwards // Sauté Magazine

Jennifer Green, co-founder and cookie maestro of Dough and Arrow, recalls her childhood with memories of ube cake, “It was always a staple for birthdays or parties,” said Green. Her business partner and pastry chef, Gigi Pascual, also grew up with this purple yam being a big part of her upbringing, “For my family, it was always ube ice cream, or, I remember halaya, an ube jam, being made.” Ube has mainly become popular due to it’s versatility. In recent months, it’s been used in everything from pasta to pancakes, while it’s main traditional form is in cake. The purple yam is not just your average Instagram foodie craze, but a culturally significant crop that signifies the resilience and celebration of heritage.

So what is ube exactly?

Often confused with taro or purple sweet potato, ube is a purple yam popular in the Philippines. It’s origins are rooted in Austronesian culture and was one of the earliest plants transported in the early Polynesian Migration of Southeast Asia. Although they have not been able to pinpoint its particular location of origin, historians have been using ube farming plots to track human movement patterns of early Asian tribes. As time progressed, ube lived on as a staple in many Southeast Asian homes.

In 2017, Green and Pascual opened their cookie and coffee shop, Dough and Arrow, in Costa Mesa. Today, patrons enter the vibrant building and the first thing they notice (outside of the giant cookie photo-op) is the smell of freshly-made delicious treats. The range of cookies on display are unique and aesthetically beautiful, each in their own right. One of the newest cookies to hit the display features rose and matcha, while classics include; lavender, chocolate, smores, crème brûlée and of course, ube.

“When we started our business we were also both new moms and wanted to take a back-to-basics approach,” said Green. Pascual continued, “We decided to make the classic cookies we grew up with, while also adding twists that were unique to our culture and heritage.” Their ube cookie in particular has a light and nutty flavor profile which is amplified by toasted coconut accents, assembling their fond love for this ingredient in a simple yet satisfying form. Dough and Arrow also makes cookie cream lattes, in which ube is featured as well, and is just as tasty as its pastry counterpart.

For those already thinking about their health or considering to count calories, Dough and Arrow also has food allergy options and uses as little sugar as possible, making it easy to feel a little less guilty indulging in their one of a kind creations.

Inspired by the wonderful cookies at Dough and Arrow, I put on my apron and got lost looking through Pinterest for recipes, only to discover this great recipe by Husbands that Cook. It highlights the purple yam, tying together a fresh take on classic techniques.

Dough and Arrow | 3033 Bristol St Q, Costa Mesa |Follow on Insta!

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Oreos Debuts CARROT CAKE Cookies As Newest Flavor

We’re always eager to see what new flavors the Oreos factory is churning out. Last year, they added some delectable variety to their legion of flavors with the addition of Strawberry Shortcake and Rocky Road.

Now it seems one of the newest flavors to hit the snack aisle will be one for the rabbits. Or at least anyone with a taste for carrots. Yup, Nabisco just dropped Carrot Cake Oreos.

The new cookie boasts a cream cheese-flavored creme that’s sandwiched between two carrot-flavored cookies.

According to Oreos, the flavor is confirmed to be a permanent addition to the line, rather than just a seasonal offering.

Beyond that rich new offering, Nabisco is also debuting a limited edition “Love, Oreo” which features a sweet and tangy pink creme spread in between two cookie pieces with special messages like “Dunk In Love, “XOXO Oreo”, “Let’s Twist”, and “Dear Cupid Send Oreo.” These are also available now and will stay on shelves through the end of Valentine’s Day, presumably.

Carrot Cake Oreos and Love, Oreos can now be found at any grocery retailers that offer Oreos. As a huge fan of carrot cake, it’s nice to see the dessert get some love.